Appreciation- Happy Father’s Day

As you all know from my previous post I was not raised by my father. But there are so many men that played a role in my life to help me be who I am today. My grandfather, friends dads, godfathers, uncles, cousins, play big brothers, and friends. I have to give a special shout out to my god-brother who mentored me through those difficult teenage years. To All these men I will forever remain thankful. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I am so thankful for the village of men that supported me. To my partner in life, thank you for being a wonderful father to our children. Sometimes I know I could say thank you a little more often and that’s something I’m working on. I appreciate your support, your willingness to listen, and your undying love.

Let the men in your life know you appreciate them. Tell them and show them in good and bad times. To All the great fathers out there, From me to you on this Father’s Day ,”I Appreciate You”!

What is a father?
A father is a man that lets the kids stay up and wonders why they can’t get up in the morning
A father says “You’re Okay” after every scrape and bruise
A man who says “fix your face”, ” go to your room”,”did u hear your mother”, “don’t make me get my belt”
A father is the same man that passes out on the floor fully clothed with his kids
A man who drinks the juice out the bottle and eats half of the kids snacks
A man who thinks candy or ice cream makes everything better
A father is a man who tests all the kids video games like he really didn’t buy them for himself
He makes you laugh when you cry, makes you feel safe when you’re scared
Makes you feel like you run the house until Mommy says different
A father is a man that accepts the fact that they are your biggest kid.
A father proclaims what his son will do and what his daughter won’t
A father is much more than a dad
A father sacrifices it all for his future by making the most of his present
A man who stands for his children
A man that teaches his children
A man whose there for his children
A Father Is…….
Everything I see in you

Happy Fathers Day!

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