Fric and Frac (The Kids)

Let me tell you a little about Fric, Jay 9 and Frac, Ry 3. These two are the greatest joys of my life. They drive me nuts, but they are sooo pay back to the both of us. They are what we call “Half and Half” kids. J looks like me and acts like his dad and Ry is daddy’s twin but SO me. And still “Daddy’s Little Girl” applies.

Somehow, Overnight, they both are going through changes. Last Week, Jay asked me to step out of his room so he could talk to his father. (Huh?! What?! you are 9 little boy!,where they do that at?) , I thought. I stepped out and he starts whispering, so I get in my ear hustle stance. I will not divulge his secret but my baby is growing up.

For most of his life he has been our little dinosaur. I know y’all are probably puzzled, but I’m Dead Serious. When J was about 12 months he developed and undying love for dinosaurs. He walked like a dinosaur, ran like a dinosaur and would even walk up to people roaring. Before he could read or spell his own name, he knew how to pronounce dinosaur species that I had never heard of. Every birthday, every holiday all he wanted was dinosaurs. Books, movies, shoes, clothes, toys….everything dinosaur. At 3 he was discussing fossil genetics and using bone marrow to bring dinosaurs back to life. Pump your breaks!!!! Cause I know I’m not that comfortable to have them jokers cohabiting with me.
But we have always supported him. Til this day he has a career goal of being a paleontologists. He has always been my nerdy, laid back child. But this year we have seen our little dinosaur start to come out of his shell. In some ways I think his participation in boy scouts and playing soccer has boosted his confidence. Even hearing the conversations with his friends at school are straight comedy. His teachers have even noticed a more confident and outspoken 3rd grader. So far this year: I’m not allowed to pick out his clothes, I’m not allowed in the bathroom because he needs his privacy, he tells us when and how he wants his haircut and he’s having these secret meetings with his dad. My honey loves seeing these changes in him, but I’m trying to figure out what happened to my baby. Is there a such thing as “Pre-tweening”? Lol

Now Frac is a whole nother ball game. Ry is my Wild Child. She has been loud since she was a baby. Screaming for nothing. She is always into something and the child you can never take your eye off of. Always trying to be as big as her brother and thinks she’s his mother. She dresses up, dances, sings, tumbles, climbs, and in her eyes she’s a rock star. Well my little Rock star was back sliding on using the potty. It seemed like the change happened right after her 3rd birthday. For me, it was a horrible feeling as a mother to see my big girl still in pull ups. I felt like I failed her. I was frustrated and trying to keep my supportive attitude. Daddy is soo nonchalant about the whole situation and that frustrated me as well. But I eventually had to have the same approach as him or my hair was gonna fall out. To see her proud to go everyday, then to come home with the nerve to say “Hey Daddy! Guess what, I Did Not use the potty today.” and laugh.
Oh for real! Daddy hopped on board after that. How dare this 3 year old think it’s funny, when I’m the one wiping her nasty butt. We tried stickers, treats, buying panties she picked out, talking to the doctor and still it was a joke. It was like she still wanted to be a baby. At times the whole family would have to run upstairs to view her duty like an art exhibition. You can not just peek, you have to stare and comment. Lol
What did we do? She started losing privileges at home and at the daycare. I was so happy to know that we were all on the same page. What hurt her the most was looking out the window as everybody else played outside and not being able to use the iPad or the iPhone. Since i noticed that, I took a different approach. I deleted all her learning and game apps except for two potty apps on my phone. Now she runs to the bathroom just so she can be on my phone afterwards to record her potty victory, which eventually unlocked a game. Thank You Steve Jobs! She still misses every now again but for the most part she is back to using the potty. The doctor told me that sometimes when children are being pushed into being big kids they start reverting because they feel they are losing that baby affection. Sooo glad that my honey balances me out because, I was not a happy camper. I took my honey’s laid back approach, prayed on it everyday and it worked out.
These two together are like watching a minstrel show, but believe me there are more stories to come.

Is your child going through a milestone? How do you as parents handle the situation?

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