No Kids!!!

Summer is here and the kids are away for two weeks. I don’t know about you, but I love when my kids go away. Don’t get me wrong, I miss them but I need my days off. Shoot, the saying “No Days Off” should have become popular from somebody’s mother not Wale.

Since they have been gone: 1) I’ve gotten some good sleep, 2) I can come home and not be obligated to cook a huge dinner, 3) I’m not breaking up an argument or dividing my time and attention to two separate interests 4) I can use the bathroom ALONE (nobody standing in the doorway, banging on the door, or talking to me through the door) , 5) I don’t have to make two extra trips before heading to work, 6) I don’t have to pull out anyone’s clothes but mine, 7) i can take a nice long bath while reading my own goodnight story, 8) if i wanna just get up and go, I’m gone. I say all this to say, Thank God and Grandparents for breaks!

Usually even when my kids are gone my routine doesn’t change as much as I wish. I’m still cleaning up around the house, washing clothes for when they return, stocking up on groceries for when they return, getting camp and summer school schedules together, scheduling doctors and dentists appointments for the upcoming year, looking into family vacation before school starts back up, and registering them for extracurricular activities and programs for the upcoming year. Mommy duty never stops even when you have a break. But while my babies are away I decided to really take this time out for me. I’m enjoying some date nights out with the honey, boosting my workout regimen, spending some nights out with the girls, getting in a spa day or two and having a few extra sips of alcohol. Lol, it ain’t easy reading a bedtime story with slurred speech.
And even though I’m not a serious drinker, it feels great to be able to hang out without leaving the party early.
I don’t know about everyone but for me, being a mother and always thinking about my children are constant. So I have learned to enjoy my time off as Jaye and not Mommy. This is also when I can turn up the romance with my man. Not wearing sweats and that long nightgown to bed, but switching the tracks from “the potty dance” to “Dance for you”. I’m kickin my heels up, raisin my wine glass, and stayin out all night.

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One thought on “No Kids!!!

  1. Erica

    so what’s the plan for tonight Ms. “No Kids”? lol.

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