Moment of the Day

So I think from now on I will have to post a proud moment of the day. These moments are also moments I want to keep as memories for the kids of how they made me feel growing up.

Yesterday at the pool, I had a great conversation with my son. I swear somedays I just want to tear up at the growing relationship that we have. Since we are almost eye to eye now I can really see him growing into a young man. I keep telling myself that I will not be one of these overbearing protective mothers but I look at him and realize how time flies. He is so well spoken and I love the fact that when it really comes down to it, he feels comfortable talking to me and his dad.

Monday was his first day of school because his school has mandatory summer school. So while the lifeguard was on her break, grandma was attending to Ryann and we were waiting to get back in the pool I started asking him about his first week of school. Questions about his new teacher, how’s he like is class, are any of his friends in his class etc. This triggered conversation on the girl front as well as people he considered his friends. He even gave me clarification on his feelings about girls and why he liked them. For me that moment was soo sweet. I explained to him the importance of friends, why people are your friends and relationships. He explained he wasn’t there yet. (He thought momma didn’t know that, lol)
But he was happy to know its okay to have friends and that would help him determine if he really liked someone. He even said sometimes he feels funny talking about his feelings because he thinks the family will tease him. I told him as he grows he will learn that people will always have their own opinion of him, but as long as he’s happy with himself that is what matters.
He explained he likes being able to have a chance to talk to me. That made me feel good. I know with our schedules and with my attention on both kids we have days where I miss out on just US time. As they are getting older, I realize that I need quality time with each of them to discuss things at their age level. Yes we have our family time which could be all of us, the boys outing, or the girls outing. But my big boy needs days of just him and his mommy and yesterday he had that inclusive of a great conversation.

Have you established comfortable relationships with your children and let them know their own importance?

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