WooHoo! Beach Weekend

We have hit summers midway point and it’s about time for a road trip. Girls weekend!!!

This weekend me and some of my girls are headed to Virginia Beach for a relaxing girls trip. No kids, no men, no drama, no judgement. I can’t wait for the conversations, the laughs, the debates and a nice glass of something spiked on the beach. More than anything I’m excited to hit the beach. I love water! I go to the pool at least 3 times a week with the kids and usually I’m on mommy duty. Ryann thinks she can swim just like the adults and can’t even doggy paddle. So my eyes have to stay on her at all times. Now I can swim and breathe knowing I don’t have to be watching someone else. I can’t wait to tan my whole body. Because I love getting a beautiful dark tan in the summer time. And even though it’s a weekend vacation I’m planning on doing loads of exciting things in this fun filled trip (ie. parasailing, jet skiing, clubbing, maybe even kayaking with dolphins).

It’s funny because as I prepare for vacation, honey still has the kids and some household responsibilities to take care of. Even though my mind is already on the beach, I decided to do some home prepping to help out before I leave. Grocery list is prepared along with coupons and sales paper, laundry will be done, picked up snacks and treats for the kids for when I’m gone and even created a homemade project they can enjoy with dad. I just pray he is preparing himself. I can already see his mood changing the closer it gets. Good Grief! I’ll be gone for two days and I have faith he can handle everything. So I’m getting my shades, my sandals, my portable iPhone charger, and hitting the road. Working on my iTunes playlist now. Have a Fabulous Weekend Dolls! Believe me some of the convo from this weekend may end up on here. Hahaha! I can’t wait. Toodles.

Any songs or suggestions for my beach soundtrack? Any recommendations of what to do?

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2 thoughts on “WooHoo! Beach Weekend

  1. Erica

    my suggestion….TAKEMEWITHYOU! sike..have fun.

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