Free Love

Love is a word that I think nowadays gets thrown around lightly. People say it but with no follow up action to prove it. This is where the breakdown in our relationships start. My man is always telling me that we as women over think what guys want. But I think this is the case on both ends. For example, I went away on my beach vacation the past weekend and upon my return he washed all the clothes, took our son to get his hair cut, helped him complete all his homework, spent quality time with our children, changed the sheets on our bed and even had a nice dinner waiting for me. Which to me is a GREAT welcome back gift. I couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear as he gave me a long welcome home embrace and whispered “your presence was missed” in my ear. All of these things are what keep most women happy. The little things, the things that matter. This means everything he accomplished over the weekend has prepared our family for a smooth start to our school and work week. Which also helps me to relax and focus on quality time with the family. Even though he had an attitude before I left, I can dismiss that with the fact the he proved his love and commitment to me and our family by doing these simple things while I was away that keep our regular routine smooth.Yes, these are things that to some should be automatic. But for most it’s rare. And mine did all this without a car since we have the one. I’m saying all this to say express gratitude for the little things. Appreciate the small steps as well as the big. Free Love is the best gift you can ever give. Free Love can mean a lot of things but I’m talking about anything to help your partner free up time for themselves. Time is money so it’s nothing for you to spend. Take her clothes to the cleaners when she forgets, take care of a bill without her knowing, wash the dishes, mop the floor, complete a diy home improvement project she’s been hinting about, iron the kids clothes for the week, give her a nice body massage etc. Free Love is the best Love!!!

Do something sweet and simple for your significant other. It makes you feel good and makes them feel good about you too.

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One thought on “Free Love

  1. Hate doing chores, hate proving I love my wife and kids, hate bathing them, reading to them, and being pleasant. But, i do it not out dislike or discomfort. I do it because I love having a roof, food, and hugs. So, lovely lady, your guy probably hated to do all those wonderful things, but them hugs and gracious eyes of the family are nearly impossible to hate… keep writing…

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