The Root of Tragedy

The past few days as we watch the tragic breaking news of events in Aurora, we all end up asking the same question…Why?!!!

This young man’s issues didn’t start today. And the thing that saddens me the most is that this young man’s mother knew or understood what her son was capable of. Not saying that she created him to be this way but that she knew something was off. Because I know if my phone rings with some news like that, my response isn’t going to be “yep you got the right one”. It’s going to be a whole lot of cussing and threatening going on. I’ll be sounding like Little John, WHAT?! Not trying to be funny, but keeping it real.

Seriously it hurts my heart to know that this young man took his issues out on soo many innocent people. Somebody knew he needed help and left him to walk the streets without getting help. All I know is while they discuss the numerous accounts of Thursdays senseless act, I keep thinking….”is this serious?”. Regardless I keep going back to the fact that his mother had some indication that her son could do this. Which to me is an issue in our society. Why do mothers make excuses and stay in denial about their children’s issues? What is wrong with getting them help and really getting to the bottom of something going on? It’s not a bad reflection on you until tragedies like this arise. We as parents have the responsibility to protect our children from any threat, wether themselves or others. So I keep thinking how do we stop these things before they happen. If your child is having issues, being secluded, expressing negative or militant points of view, suffering from depression and you see their actions as being out of the ordinary. Get them help!!!! Talk to your child, pay attention to their actions, but by all means don’t ignore these signs. I feel all too often in these situations these issues are ignored due to fear of embarrassment. But others would think so much more of you to address the issues then letting them fester and turn into a mass killing. My heart goes out to all those affected in Aurora, Colorado as well as to the parents of the suspect who will carry this burden for the rest of their life. Now the tragedy of one household has spread to the household of many.

Rest in Peace to all those that lost their lives. May God heal all wounds physically and emotionally of those that survived. Our heartfelt sympathy and prayers are with you.

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One thought on “The Root of Tragedy

  1. It’s so sad that this incident occurred. May God grant the grieving families the strength to deal with the situation.

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