Tag you’re it

This was last nights post. Of course I fell asleep before publishing cause these kids wear me out. Enjoy!

I’m laying back dying laughing at my crazy family. Today is one of those rare weekdays that the kids get to see daddy before bed. And on these days he takes responsibility for bedtime. Bedtime in our house can take from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the evenings issues. Sometimes he forgets how much work it is for me to keep this operation in line. That’s why it’s so funny that tonight was a 2 hour Fric and Frac Medley. J is taking way too long to shower because he can’t get his face out of a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book (reading on the toilet with the shower running). Then he wants to make his bed at 9:00 so that he can make up points he lost this morning on ChoreMonster. Great iPhone App if I might add.

Oh yeah and every night our kids expect dessert. So it’s the we didn’t get dessert tonight complaint. So while he’s reprimanding J, Ry is playing in the sink after brushing her teeth, dancing and playing dress up in her room and going up and down the steps until she draws attention. Then she needs her ointment for mosquito bites, her music on, her allergy medicine, her fan on and maybe her last potty trip. But sometimes these things turn into any excuse to stay up a little longer. He has walked these steps 6 times cause that little girl, that little girl. Lmao!

He thought he finally got them
settled and we hear, “Mommy?” at the top of the steps. He says “tag you’re it” and disappears into our bedroom. I decided to assist.

I know his good night is not as thorough as mine, although he tries. But before we get to the top of the steps I can hear her bedtime music, which means its too loud. He let her read a book and didn’t make her put it back. Hence the book on her bed as she sleeps, uncomfortable. The night shirt she’s tugging at is too small. SMH, daddy attention to details is everything. Which way they sleep, what cover they have, what stuffed animal, position of the doors shadow the list goes on. But he knew when to tap out. Lol

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One thought on “Tag you’re it

  1. So cute! I look forward to times like this. But for now I will enjoy my son who is now 18 months. Bedtime is a breeze because of his consistent bedtime routine.

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