Last week I met our son’s new 4th grade teacher. Me being the involved parent that I am, I went in the school to speak with her as school let out.

Sorry, Yes! Rewind for the past 3 weeks my son has been back in school for mandatory summer school. It is mandatory for the students and teachers to become acquainted with their new students/ teacher for the upcoming year. Now since Pre-k J has been an honor roll student. And even took on a mentoring role in the class room to help other kids read more proficient. Regardless I was excited to introduce myself to his new teacher and see where we as parents could help out. All I know is I walked away thinking to myself that it is time for mommy and daddy to buckle down. This woman was not personable at all, she raised her voice at a few children before she started conversing with me. Then everything that came out of her mouth was negative. “J is starting to daydream in class, his grades are dropping because he does not show all of his work in math, I don’t know yet but he will be okay.” As I fake smile and walk off, I really wanted to two piece that ass. But I took my baby and left. Immediately I talked with him about his values and expectations. I realized this was going to be the year he is challenged.

Every child goes through it. That one teacher that seems to be a thorn in your side, the one that doesn’t believe in praise but tearing you down, the one that never cares about what goes on with each individual child as long as it doesn’t interfere with the class, militant, and honestly not too kid friendly. Which to me all and all is fine. But listen here, that tired ass attitude will not be my child’s downfall.

When his father arrived home Friday after the last day of summer school, we all sat down and talked. We asked J about the things his teacher brought up at the school. Yes, he was day dreaming because he finished his work before other classmates so by the time everyone finished he did not hear the teacher tell them to line up. Then he often shows his work in math because they sent home class work examples. The issue is his teacher has implemented a new way to show your math which he had to get accustom to. Then the comment about him being okay, Boo and Bye. My son will be more than okay because he understands hard work, he’s an A student and all test scores are above grade level. But most of all he is confident in himself and his work.

I created summer packets for both of my kids after they completed the packets sent home from school. I go over every inch of homework and even make sure he understands why something is wrong and what needs to be corrected. Soo if this woman thinks she will tear down my baby’s confidence she got another thing coming.

J is focused and ready for any challenge she throws his way and so are we.

Let’s get ready to Rock the 4th grade. “CHALLENGE” ( in my Bill Cosby voice)

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2 thoughts on “Challenge!!!

  1. Chris

    Go MoM & DaD!! I love it! That brought tears to my eye! I love you guys!

  2. waiting for the day you’ll write about his

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