31 days, 31 photos, 31 Stories Challenge Update

For those that do not have Instagram. I just wanted to update you on my first two days of this Challenge.  In these two days of posting pictures, So many stories have run through my mind. I think the end of these 31 days will be amazing. Thank you Christa Myers!!!http://www.inspiredbybeatriceclay.com/blog/


This cut gave me Life! Blonde and Black rocked it.

I was so upset when I actually got this haircut because  I went in to get a blow out.  I wanted to surprise my Honey for Christmas with a straight sexy do.  When I arrived at the hair dresser, my feelings were immediately trampled.  From me dying my hair earlier that summer, the breakage would have looked horrible with a blow out and my hair would have still been damaged.  I was advised to cut it to revitalize my hair.  None the less after my cut and treatment, I ended up walking out of that shop feeling sexy and my honey agreed.


A few bad days are better than none at all

Everday I wake up saying “Thank you Lord for another day”. Everynight I go to sleep saying “Thank you Lord for another day”. Wether good or bad every day is a day not promised. Bask in it and be thankful. Life is precious and like I tell my kids every new day is a day to change or improve what was done yesterday. Live your best life by Loving your life because your life is not meant to be anyone elses.




My mother’s little rainbow coalistion and she taught us all to love ourselves as individuals.


Purple calms my soul



Being a woman in a field of men constantly trying to prove yourself- Construction


So here are my first 5 days.  Are you sharing your story?

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One thought on “31 days, 31 photos, 31 Stories Challenge Update

  1. Christa – I love the blonde in the front of your hair/head. It gives your curl definition a pop!

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