Balancing Act-No Neglect

Everyday I feel like I’m playing tug of war. I wake up and the voices in my head remind me of the “Hey Mon”skits from The Wayans Brothers “In Living Color”.
“How many job you got? I got 12 job mon.”(in my Damon Wayans voice)

I get the kids together in the morning and take them to their prospective locations. This process starts between 5:00am/5:30am. I work a full day to leave work in enough time to pick one up by 5:00pm and the other by 6:00pm. My honey works evenings and usually does not get home until the kids are off to bed or later. Somedays it used to bother me but I had to realize support goes both ways.

I am thankful that he works to help support our family. Even though our QT is cut short, I know that I can depend on him. Although I can’t have my QT when I want I never go here….. “You only have time for yourself and the kids”. This is what I got hit with last week out of nowhere. Now I know this didn’t come from nowhere but don’t us mothers get cut any slack.

I am working, helping with homework, breaking out arts and crafts and DIY projects, going bowling, hitting the pool, working out, doing school shopping, braiding hair, blogging, writing my articles, handling all annual appointments and cooking almost Sunday dinner for this family everyday. But where I messed up last week was everyday he would come home and I’m up, then 5 minutes later….. OUT. Not just dozing off….out like coma toast. Sometimes in my sexy night gown all oiled and smelling good with candles lit, which makes it worse.

Most of the week went by without me up to listen to how his day was or to joke a little bit. Him trying to tickle me where I laugh and choke half to death. And even though I knew he was upset it made me feel good to know he cared. All Saturday as we did things around the house, he’s singing old love songs. I hear Faith Evans”Love don’t live hear anymore”, Dru Hill “Tell Me”, Lauren Hill / Deangelo “Nothing Matters”. I was dying laughing on the inside because he would get louder as he got closer to me. So yesterday I put aside 3 hours just for me and my boo.

I know our household can get hectic and I try to make sure everyone gets my attention. So from this I have decided to put myself to bed when I put the kids to bed. When daddy gets home I should have gotten a nice nap in to spend some extra quality time with him. And every two weeks, we will be having a date night. We had our date nights scheduled for once a month but we talk more about it than actually doing it. I have even enlisted Fric and Frac to assist. Every month Fric and Frac will host date night #1 inclusive of a menu and entertainment. After that Superwoman will coordinate date #2. Whatever it takes for the Sappy Jukebox singing in my house to subside.

How do you balance your many roles? Ever fall asleep during romance?

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One thought on “Balancing Act-No Neglect

  1. ghanaianemprezz

    When I was in grad school writing my thesis, It took me 3 hours to travel from home to campus and another 5 hours back home within the same week. Sometimes, it could be twice within the same week but a day away from him was like 10 years away. Unfortunately, once I got home, I needed about 3 days to recover from the tiredness. To combat this, I tried to make the journey early in the mornings so i can have enough rest. If i get home in the evening, nothing will keep me
    On his part, any time is ok for him and I applaud him for that.

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