From the Big Chop to the Big Decision

I am one indecisive individual when it comes to my hair. One day I want it straightened, next braided, out in my bush or just in a sexy style.  I have always been a flip flopper when it comes to my hair.  Over a year ago I did the big chop and have been rockin my natural treses in a curly fro.  I, like everyone else have become a product junkie and a youtube whore just to figure out what really works well for my hair texture.  From youtube videos to blog tutorials, I have learned things about my hair that I never even took into consideration. For almost 6 years I have played with the notion of locking my hair.  I’ll get it twisted and two weeks later take it out.  I have started this process twice and never followed through.  My honey has been begging me to stick with it, because in his eyes it will look gorgeous on me. 

This weekend as I rocked my two strand twist and played with different designs and styles, the idea arose again.  Ecspecially now since I have started a full work out regimen to combat this weight gain.  I think this is the perfect time to make a decision like this.  I am starting to lock my hair. Ahhhhh!!!  I feel that I have developed the patience needed to actually follow through this time.  But until I feel comfortable with letting them free, I have my scarves and headwraps ready.

What are your natural hair decisions and why? If you have locks, how did you wear your hair when you started?

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One thought on “From the Big Chop to the Big Decision

  1. OMG!!! This is the story of my life! I have been natural almost 6 years, and about a month ago, I chopped all of my hair off. This was a MAJOR decision for me, because I’ve never cut my hair before. (I wore weaves and braids while I transitioned.) I made the decision to initially go natural because I liked the versatility I saw others have who were natural. I chopped my hair off this time because I had heat damage after I straightened my hair for my birthday. I went back and forth about getting Senegalese or kinky twists for the summer. After I couldn’t sync my schedule with the girl that was going to do my hair, I just decided to start over. So far, so good!

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