Moment of the day

Yesterday as I was sitting at my desk I received a long text message from my mom. For those of you that don’t know, my mom is apart of our immediate household. I know most of you probably started thinking in-house daycare, not really. She is there if we need her but she does have her own life and space in the home we share. More about this will come in a later post. Regardless, since J is finishing up summer vacation my mother agreed to keep him with her at home the last 2 weeks. As he is getting older I can see his sweet and cute mannerisms changing. He got a little smart mouth with a little attitude but daddy and I have been nipping it in the bud. Usually grandma is his savior but she fixed him.

This is the message I received from my mom:

Jay got up and said I’m hungry. I want eggs over easy. Then he sat on the sofa kicked up his heels to watch cartoons. I said NO, if I cook I eat. Time for u to learn if you are hungry u can cook for yourself. So todays lesson-My brother & I were cooking breakfast at 8 for our parents, pancakes from scratch etc.

What happened next:




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4 thoughts on “Moment of the day

  1. Erica

    love it! don’t play with grandma! he is getting so big!!!!!

  2. I love it! Grandma has spoken. Period.

  3. Children learn what they see & hear more, instead of what we say! So when I saw that reaction, this young man now a boy (my grandson) was stepping into a pattern that needed to be nipped immediately. Lets teach our young men early about responsibilty & budeting as my parents did. Our boys need to be taught just like the girls. :0)

  4. Note: “Easier to raise a child than raise a grown man”….

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