Tune In-Lifetime’s New Reality Show

I dont know about you all, but I am super excited about Lifetime’s “The Week the Women Went” a BBC Worlwide Production.  If you have not seen the preview or heard about this new reality show/social experiment, you are missing out.  Basically all of the women skip town for a week leaving their husbands to tend to the kids, the house, businesses, any events and the town.  When I saw this preview, it gave me life.  I couldn’t stop laughing because you can tell some of these men are going to leave town their damn selves. This show looks like it will shake up the town.  I can’t wait and I hope this is not the only season. Evidently this show/experiment  has been tried in other countries but finally arrived on American soil according to several news releases.  I feel much won’t happen in a week but maybe a month. I would want to see these men get through a whole month and pay all the bills. Empty the refrigerator and make them do all the grocery shopping. Even them getting the whole household ready for back to school. Mother’s do it all and still stay within budget knowing everyone’s likes and dislikes.  Now I’m not saying all men are not capable but mommy’s and daddy’s manage things a little different. Either way tune-in! Get your popcorn ready and watch with your man, I know I will.

Just like in the Preview: “Women you can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them” Check the preview and tune in for the premiere next Tuesday, August 14th at 10/9 Central.


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2 thoughts on “Tune In-Lifetime’s New Reality Show

  1. I am so going to have to watch this! And make sure hubby does as well… LMAO!!!

  2. Can’t wait ready for a good laugh… & hopefuly lessons lesrned!!!

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