Down Not Out

I know I’ve been on hiatus for a few days but I’m back in full swing. This past weekend was a rough one or shall I say started out rough. Friday after 10 years of continuous service to the government I was laid off. This actual situation has been a process over the last 6 months. Something that at some points had me doubting my own worth. But one thing I had to realize is that with or without I have always been able to provide for my family. Because I have a hustlers spirit. And even when you are prepared for something it never hits you until it happens.

Friday, I CRIED! I cried and thought my crying was over got in the car to treat my baby to McDonalds and somebody hits my car. Luckily we were okay but all I kept thinking was not today. This kid had no license and backed into the side of my car. Now what y’all don’t know is my car is my first car. My baby, my pride and joy. Only three years old with 1 accident on her record and no damage. Now, a big dent near my rear wheel well on the drivers side because of this fool. Little did he know that this was the wrong day to deal with me.

But in that moment something happened. I Breathed! Now those that don’t know me, I have a temper and sometimes when things are out of sorts you will hear my mouth. But I knew God was working in my favor. Me and my little girl were okay. This sucka just slammed into me with a big Suburban and pretty much bounced off my car. It’s still drivable and insurance will take care of the rest. Life goes on.
Heading home a text scrolls across my phone from my sister: ” I know this is the last thing on your mind…..”. Her sending me the eventbrite link for BlogaDC.

Waking up Saturday morning I was still leary of being around anybody. Honey and J were out of town attending Redskins Training camp. But he comforted me with a sweet phone call to say, “You do so much to hold us down, I guess it’s time for me to take over. We will get through.” To hear him say those words, felt like a weight had been lifted. Because its nothing like knowing your man got your back and that reassurance that comes with it.

Needless to say I got my sexiness together and attended the most amazing and uplifting event I could have imagined. Enjoying the company of and gaining some powerful knowledge from Justice Fergie, Dr. Nicole Cutts, Amber Williams, Anacostia Yogi, Yvonne Bynoe, Maisie Dunbar, and so many others. Thank you ladies for getting me back on track. Thank you to my sister Nae for helping me stay positive. Below are a few photos from BlogaDC. Also check out a sermon that hit things right on the nose from Rev. Anika Wilson Brown. “I’m Greater Than What I’m Going Through”





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4 thoughts on “Down Not Out

  1. Erica

    this brought tears to my eyes…not sad ones..but reflective ones. left you a message last week, but assumed you were preoccupied and would get back to me when you could. you got this. you can get through anything. you’re a strong woman. it’s just what we do 🙂

    i can relate all too well to the aforementioned scenario, and for me, there was only one way to view it (after all ol the self-doubt, of course): there was another plan in the making. one better suited for me. one that would help my talents flourish and continue to build upon my knowledge, confidence and experience as a professional. it was God’s way, not mine. because if it were up to me, i’d probably still be in that dead in job, waiting for a miracle to fall in my lap.

    he nudged me. now he’s nudging you.

    love u.

  2. Alecia_HBOP

    We all get nudged when we try to stay when our time is up. I know from many experiences. …… Time to move on. So proud of you and your family… another door is opening for you to be the you U came here to be. along your journey… Never lose your Joy… Cry you must, reflect you must, learn the lesson and move on and celebrate the next step of your life…..Love Yah

  3. Love this! I can’t wait to hear about all the new things coming your way. God has a plan for us all and sometimes we just have to be patient and know our time is coming. Good luck with everything!

  4. It was a pleasure to meet you at BlogaDC and the timing was perfect. *hugs* to you and Nae.

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