The Week the Women Went-ReCap

Tuesday night began the season premiere of Lifetime’s “The Week the Women Went”. If you were watching all the women over age 18 hopped on a train and chugged on out of town. Now the men seem very supportive until they are all alone. All I keep asking myself is what would these men do without their wives. Seriously children bouncing off the walls and their plates filled with ramen noodles, corn dogs and ranch dressing. When that camera scanned through the house, I know the mother of that household is going to lose her mind. Although they are still working to gain control of their situation, two of the fathers were smart and decided to camp out in one home facing this challenge together.

For me the two stories I will be following closely are the 24 year old Marine who decided to take care of his 31 year old girlfriend of 7 months 3 kids. I think this experiment will either make or break this relationship. He isn’t that far from a teenager himself and the two oldest are teenage girls. I don’t know how comfortable I would be with this situation but we will see how it works out. Also the families that have left their 13 year old daughters in charge of the family businesses. This experience should be full of life lessons and give them an idea of the work their mothers put in to their family’s livelihood. To sum it up the first 2 hours of the women being gone was like the scene in Daddy Day Care after they gave the kids all that sugar.


There is more to come like the men planning a pageant inclusive of making the girls dresses and doing make up. And the most intriguing is at the end of the last episode the night vision cameras captured one of the children getting up in the middle of the night, grabs a knife out the kitchen and walks back towards the bedrooms. Oh Lawd!! Tune in tomorrow night to Lifetime’s “The Week the Women Went” 10/9 Central. Tell me what you think!

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One thought on “The Week the Women Went-ReCap

  1. Alecia_HBOP

    I am enjoying the laughs….:0)

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