Moment of the Day

Our daughter has started creating her own little family with her dolls. Today she went to the extreme with feeding, clothing, doing her babies hair and even creating a car out of beach chairs and an old booster seat to take her baby to the store. Because she has really gotten in her feelings about her baby not having underwear and socks and extra clothes, guess who will be hopping on the sewing machine to help her out.

Ry- “Mommy, I have to take her upstairs to go night night because I have to go to work.

Me- “What? You are going to work? Where is your baby going to be?

Ry- “Yep and she goin to work with me. Cause I can take her with me.”

Me- “Excuse me”

She heads upstairs to get ready for bed. Daddy goes up and tucks her in, turns her night time music on and her night light. So I’m thinking everything is okay. About 30 minutes pass and I hear feet coming down the steps.

Me-” Ryann!”

Ryann- “Mommy I’m tired but my baby won’t go to sleep, ugh.” ( like she is frustrated)

She finally sees my face looking at her like she’s crazy, and starts snickering. The reason this is hilarious is because the doll she is referring to is a Sweet Dreams Dora. When you lay her down her eyes close and when you sit her up they open.

Good Night Little Girl!!!

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One thought on “Moment of the Day

  1. Waiting for such an experience!

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