Same Page

Last week was a doozy! But we also made a Great Accomplishment

For 9 years my son has been the apple of my eye. We are close and I Love him to death. But he has started to test the waters of wanting an ass whipping. Not a talking to, not a spanking, not a pop, A CHIN CHECK. And its not because he’s a bad kid at all. He doesn’t cuss or say bad things. He just can be rude and smart mouth. Anytime I tell him to do something there is a why? A what? Or an Awwww Man. Then I say something else and he mumbles and pouts.

Wednesday was the first day of school for him. He couldn’t sleep because he was excited. He woke up, and did pretty good with his timing in the bathroom. He got dressed… And here comes the disconnect. He came downstairs with his backpack his lunch box and no shoes or socks on. I look at him with a side eye and he says, “OH!”

He drops his bags on the couch and heads back up the stairs. LOUD as HECK, mind you the rest of the house is still sleep. I’m packing his lunch and he comes back downstairs. I try to make him feel good during the day by putting sweet notes in his lunch box. We get to school on time and he sees his friends and is excited. Well I pick him up after school and see another parent walking to the bus stop. I ask if they want a ride home. We get to their house and of course they ask of the kids can come in and play for a minute. I agree but specifically tell J to leave his book bag in the car. Why? Because I know how quick we forget what’s important. Hence our nickname for him at home “Memory Lapse”.

We stay for an hour and head home. When we get home I notice J is taking a long time to get out of the car. I call his name and he gets out pouting, “I can’t find my book bag.” At this point I want to have a Homer and Bart moment. I immediately get on the phone and where is his bookbag, exactly where it shouldn’t have been. So he would have to wait til Thursday to get his book bag inclusive of his homework. Next I made him write a letter to his teacher taking responsibility for his actions and explaining that he would complete all homework the next day. Well the next day comes and I make sure we go straight home so that he can start on homework. Time is flying as I prepare dinner, work on Ryanns flash cards and attend to some business. So I call Jayden downstairs to ask where he is on his homework and he explains that he’s almost done. I ask him to let me review what he had completed so far and I circled areas that needed correction. He goes back upstairs and now it’s 9:00, which is bed time. So I just happen to go upstairs to see if he needed help with the last bit of homework and what do I see. This little boy run across his room and slide into his desk because he saw me coming up the stairs. He was playing with some toys on the other side of his room. As soon as I started to lecture, who comes up the steps….Daddy. Now this is day two of school but J has been giving off a whole lot of attitude lately and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Daddy asked me what happened, then kindly asked me to step out. All I heard was lay on the bed and I grabbed Ry and headed down the steps. Crying and screams followed. I had to let it happen. 9 years and never even a pop from daddy. But I knew it was coming. He tried to hold out for soo long but baby boy is feeling himself. Then because he lied before he got his spanking daddy told him to go to bed with no dinner. This made me cringe. As my honey makes his way downstairs, I’m trying to figure out how I can sneak my baby some food. So I asked if he felt like going to fill up my tank so I wouldn’t have to go to the gas station in the morning. He gladly obliged, but as he walked out the house I had to think about my actions. Now if the tables were turned, I would lay him out for going behind my back after disciplining the kids, so why do it to him. I decided not to sneak J any food because it’s not like my kids ever miss a meal. It hurt my heart but it was his lesson. I think I was more so excited about the fact that Daddy and I were on the “Same Page”. I have been the bad guy (disciplinarian) to my kids for the past 9 years. He tolerates everything and I tolerate very little. Now that they know daddy has my back and won’t pacify them, changes are a happening. J had a water bottle by his bed that not to curb his hunger and the next day had a brand new attitude.

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5 thoughts on “Same Page

  1. Chris

    Ahhhh…Parenthood. 😉

  2. …and that’s parenthood.

  3. I must agree about being on the same page because it can make or break your relationship on both ends. I think you both did the right thing and I would have done the same. Mine are 17 & 19 now and I still pop them in the month or twist their ear lobes! Lol

  4. marieyoung

    Hang in there! LOL @ “chin check”!

  5. Alecia_HBOP

    I cringed and it hurt me.too.. but I stayed out the way…. Grandma….

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