Parenting and Education

As a parent, what are things you look forward to your child learning in school? Are their things you learned that you hope your child will experience too?

I know I did, until my bubble burst. As times change and technology evolves playing a key role in our lives, you know some of the basic classes have been dropped from grade level curriculums.

I remember in second grade getting a thick book with lined paper that housed fancy letters for me to practice. We would do some in the class and take our books home to practice some more. I was super excited to be able to sign my name and not just write it. I had a signature!

Now 25 years later our children will not have that learning experience. Most school curriculums have taken handwriting out of the syllabus. This is something we as parents will have to teach our children. My son is in 4th grade and he asked me about learning to write in cursive. I thought it was pretty weird that his school did not start teaching them last year, then I found out that they won’t do it at all.

I want to ensure my kids learned everything I did and more. Not a computer doing auto correct or spell check for them. But them actually working through and knowing how to solve their problems. What word tenses and spellings to use. How to type and how to write it out if needed. Not one or the other but both.

I think technology plays a role in how this new generation thinks. For example why shouldn’t our kids have the “want it now” attitude. Look at our society. We have DVR, TiVo to fast forward commercials/pause/and record anything you miss. Expedited shipping, promo codes and ticket availability online. Everything at your fingertips every second of the day. All of how to survive in a fast paced society. NOW!!! But not forever.

When i was growing up, Commercials taught us patience, no cell phones taught us patience, No computers taught us people skills and patience. Although we rely heavily on technology the brain holds more memory than a computer. So what are we teaching our children? Personal Knowledge can withstand fires, electrical outages, and some major collisions. So if you think your child is getting anywhere close to the education you were given, you may want to do research on what other items have fallen off of this Common Core Curriculum that our school systems follow. Be in the know. These are the type of things we as parents have to stay on top of, because we are their first teachers and the teacher that is stuck with them for life.


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One thought on “Parenting and Education

  1. Not teaching cursive?? What kind of foolishness is that? Wow. I realize that we are all physically writing less and less, but that is a skill that should not be abandoned. I’m very disappointed to hear that is the case. I guess I’m old school as well, because I certainly appreciate hand written notes and often will remark on how nice someone’s penmanship is.

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