Friday Funny

Last night was Back to School night and due to the fact that it’s the beginning of the school year, all week we have been getting yearly reminders from the school. One of the reminders we received actually had both of us as well as some of the other parents cracking up. This document said “NO SPANKING WITH BELTS”……. LMAO. The letter explained the schools low tolerance for child abuse along with a policy explanation. Now I’m pretty sure we all know the difference between abuse and a little hard discipline. But the funny part was how on the back of this letter they proceed to advice other methods of discipline inclusive of heart to heart talks, time outs, compromise, other strategies even a parental time out.

One thing I love is good parenting advice but let me explain my thoughts on this letter. Every example told you how to talk to Johnny and ensure Johnny understands the issue. Well don’t know damn Johnny live up in my house. It is these 2 stubborn, hard headed, can be off the hook at times jokers up in here. And usually if a belt has to be included in the punishment is after I have spoken 4 or 5 times, given chance after chance and even threatened with the belt and still treated like a joke. Then once that “Bye Bye Mommy, Hello Darth Vader” voice comes out they looking shook but still gotta test the waters.

Time out for these two ends up being a new play time. Standing in a corner, even with the light off ends up a hand puppet show, miming, singing the itsy bitsy spider walking their hands up the wall. Somedays I have to go laugh in another room and come back being mommy meany.

So teachers lets switch places for just one day and see if your patience doesn’t go out the window. We know our children and the majority of us truly Love our children. When they come to school they play nice and basically sedate their personality for 8 hours. Like another parent said yesterday, “then they get home and are ALL the Way Turned Up”.

We work all day and have to keep that same hard working momentum when we get home. So maybe y’all see Johnny at school but we see the kids that carry traits we know very well and sometimes “belt” has to make an appearance. It’s very rare but things happen.

Check out this hilarious YouTube video by Bricklin Page, my co-workers and I used to die laughing at this clip on child abuse. Now I don’t agree with cussing at children but this made me laugh.

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One thought on “Friday Funny

  1. The belt taught my siblings and I how to stay at home and avoid troubles.

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