Welcome to Sweetie Pies Meet and Greet Event

Earlier this week, my big sister ichoosethesun invited me to go with to the Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s Premiere Viewing And Cast Meet and Greet. The Event was hosted by Candice Mackel, Owner of CNPR at Indulj on 13th and U Street. I was excited because I really like the show and the fact that Miss Robbie keeps it real and believes in strong family values. And at the Meet and Greet you get that vibe in talking with Jenae and Charles. At first I was a little disappointed that Miss Robbie wasn’t able to make it, cause I sure wanted to discuss food and recipes.

Regardless, the space was nice and open,the event was full of networking and both cast members were pulled in by the positive energy of the attendees. Both very humble and personable. Even while holding Tim Jr, Jenae worked the room in heels. That handsome baby boy deserves an award for tolerating all of our mouths, the camera flashes, and all the access noise without one single tear. It was soo good to see how he has grown and his health issues are almost non existent. As we discussed family, men and new found fame, Janae made me feel like we had been girls for years. She talked about supporting your spouse, making it work and balancing hectic schedules. But as she explained even with the tv recognition, that they are regular people. They all still get up to go to work like the rest of us. Charles explained that he still can’t believe how big the show has become. And is amazed when he meets celebrities that recognize him. All this said, you are in for a treat this season.

With the opening of their new restaurant, The Upper Crust, taking on new staff, contemplating changes to the menu, and more issues arising between Miss Robbie and her son, Tim there is never a dull moment. So tune in tonight for the Season 3 Premiere of Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s on the OWN Network at 9pm.


Thank you to Patricia McDougall Photography and Anwaa Kong for my photos.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Sweetie Pies Meet and Greet Event

  1. mrsmarieyoung

    How was Miss Robbie absent?!?!?! She is the life of the show! Sounds like you had fun though 🙂

  2. Neela

    So happy to hear that TJ is growing and thriving. Wow! He is a handsome little boy. So glad you had a chance to attend.

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