Morning Inspiration

I wake up some days, not on the wrong side of the bed, not moody or unhappy, its a just a don’t feel like it day. But I get to work and feel inspired. My office is open 24 hours since we handle operations for schools and government facilities. I get in at 8am everyday. I have an 81 year old employee accompanied with a walker and cane that comes to work everyday at 3:00am. She handles most of our engineer material requests which is very tedious. She always smiles and cracks jokes about the numerous times she has fallen at work as she gets closer to retiring. She has been diagnosed with a disease similar to Parkinson’s, yet she keeps coming in to ensure things are taken care of. Her last day is the end of this week. But everyday she inspires me to come to work and do my best. She shakes as she is handing over all of her assignments and files yet she organized everything. Even though her doctor has put limits on her, she refuses to limit herself. My hat goes off to her!

Who inspired you today? Did you let them know?

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One thought on “Morning Inspiration

  1. Today I am inspired by our mother. She raised some pretty awesome women 😉

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