Time 4 A Checkup

Yesterday, I had my annual physical. I was excited when I got there and then……
In the first 5 minutes bad news. My doctor has been my doctor since I was 18. She knows my full medical background. Her staff was just as shocked as I was to see my Blood Pressure through the roof. I have never had high blood pressure not even during my pregnancies. I gained some weight but never had any real health issues until the swelling from my daughter. Now I know I’ve been dealing with stress lately but as high as my pressure was, they were concerned with me leaving. They decided to take it two more times before I left and each time it was considerably lower but not where me or my doctor wanted it to be. This has encouraged me more to complete my weight loss goals as well as heavily getting back into my yoga/meditation. It’s so nice to have support from my family. My son was hurt to hear something was wrong and his dad explained that everybody has to play a part in helping me get better. This is just another test and more proof of why I need to shed these unwanted pounds.

Not claiming anything just changing everything!

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One thought on “Time 4 A Checkup

  1. Angie

    Hey Jameelah,

    Sorry to hear about your blood pressure. I’m very concerned because my grands deserve to have a great mom to grow up with and you are that mom. We want you around for a long, long time. So, I know you will do what you have to do to get your pressure into a normal range. You can do it and I know you will do it. Stay strong and let us know how we can help. Many blessings.

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