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This week, will be a week to remember. And usually because its one if those times where I feel overwhelmed, I slack on my posts. But not anymore. I’m learning to balance so much more these days and still ensure I throw my readers a line. Because you support me when u don’t have to and I THANK YOU!!

I am getting ready for one of my closest friends wedding weekend. I literally started panicking Saturday night after the Bachelorette Party. There are a few reasons, but there has been alot of comedy on this journey. Around the same time that I bought my dress, I purchased a pair of shoes that I was sooo pressed to get because I knew I would be fierce, standing tall and looking sexy in. Silver shoes, and because my girl loves sparkles and bling, glitter 4 3/4 stacked t strap heel.

I got my life off of these until I got them home. I was soo pressed to model them for my Boo and as soon as I strapped them on and stood up, I was almost on the floor. He laughed me out for about 20 minutes. Now, Remember I have not worn a pair of heels in 3 years. May have trotted for an hour in a wedge or two. But those that know me well, my crocs are never far away. Needless to say I got the best deal on my sparkling high heel Dorothy slippers and could not wear them. Luckily we are all pretty close in shoe size, so someone will have the pleasure of rocking these, just not me. So for about a month I have been searching for my shoes for the wedding. It has been a task because either all heels are a stacked platform now or not so cute kitten heel. So since Saturday I have been in stores all over DC/MD/VA searching for shoes. Today after picking my kids up from school I decided to make a stop to check out a few more stores……and finally found my shoes. Glittery, silver, and a comfortable platform pump and ended up getting them for a steal. Im just happy that with this weight loss, a comfy heel and lots of water this week will keep my ankle from looking like a biscuit in a slinky. (lmao) I will post a picture once the wedding weekend is over.

Another reason why I’m flustered is because my girlfriend has asked me to do something special for her wedding day. I have had friends over the years ask me to perform one of my many talents for their weddings and have never taken them seriously. I used to sing when I was younger and will say I was the bomb. (Lol) But I almost cried when I received a request from the bride about 3 months ago. She is a friend that has always supported me, always had my back and never judged me. We are real with each other wether right or wrong. When we talk, we know we are gonna be on the phone for hours. We laugh so hard that we make the call drop and play telephone tag for 20 minutes trying to call each other back. She has helped me understand my youngest child, who is her Capricorn kindred spirit. She has made it her duty to get to know and play with my kids. And I Love her for that. So when she asked me to open up her wedding with spoken word, there was no hesitation or reservation. DONE! My panic comes in because she refuses to hear my poem before her big day. I understand, but I want to make her and her future husband proud. Because they are Great people! I have read the dedication to my Honey and he started getting emotional, asking if that’s the poem I was working on. I just pray that I do them justice.

Next I have gotten too excited with all these DIY nail projects on Pinterest, that I had to get the rude awakening that no I AM NOT a nail technician and I WILL NOT be showcasing any of these experiments any time soon. In my head I was going to add a tip to the two nails I broke, apply my own acrylic, and freak out this pink and silver glitter ombré nail for the wedding. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought all my supplies and tried this experiment with one nail. And my hand looked like this:

My skills were bad enough that the acrylic extra finger that I created popped off the next day. I was hiding that experimental thumb for a whole day at work, praying no one would ask to see my nails. So I will be heading to get my nails done, eyebrows waxed, and everything else. I may try my hand at the nails at a later date. For right now I will let the professionals do their job.

Either way I am looking forward to a great week.

What’s Up With You?

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Getting Them Involved- Election 2012

BARACK OBAMA! BARACK OBAMA! I hear kids yelling at our kids school. Some of them yell our presidents’ name like its a new dance. But do your children really understand the role of our president, how he gets there, and what decisions he has to make. Last night my son was asked to write about, what laws he would change as president and what he would discuss at his first debate? But I had to make sure he really understood the following before answering those questions:

– What is a President?

– How does a President become President?

– Do all countries have Presidents?

– What does their job include?

-What are big issues that our president has to focus on to keep the country running?

So before he started writing we sat down together and did some research on the Internet. We found a great interactive game on called “If I Were President”. My son first learned that the role of President is not served alone and how they pick their team of advisors. He then had to read through 5 biographies to choose 3 people to help advise him. From there he had to balance the budget between Healthcare, Education, Environment, Military, and Crime Prevention. Then once he devised a balanced budget, he had to present his plan to the people. From there he received a Q&A session with the press on why he chose the advisors he chose and an explanation of the percentages chosen for his balanced budget. Once he completed this a news article was published on the decisions he made and weather the people felt comfortable with his choices as president. It was a great way for him to clearly understand why we watch the debates and the things that are being discussed. At that point he was ready to tackle his homework and write a clear response.

There is also in-depth information on the site about the election and the candidates to help your child understand everything that will take place in the process. Check out these sites with your kids. Help them to understand the power of voting and the role we as American citizens play in the well being of our country and our future.

If I Were President

Election 2012</a


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Crossfit Week 4

I have to give an Update on my Fitness and Weight Loss Journey. I know y’all are like what happened to week 3 since I jumped from 2 to 4. Well due to the holiday last Monday we did not have training. But I did work on my push-ups and did some dancing last week. Regardless, this week in Crossfit was a struggle. The routine pace has picked up and in longer intervals. The other parents and I work to rally around each other to help push our limits. We also ran a lap around the field after working out. I can honestly say I feel a difference. Because of my fluid and circulation issues in my right leg I was limited to doing certain things. I never even told my family about how much of a handicap the Lymphedema had caused. Here are some examples:

– When puttin on pants I had to sit because it was painful to lift my right leg over 1 foot off the ground. So think of what it was like putting on tights/ leggings. I had to bend over to put my feet in the holes.

– To get out of the bath, I had to pull myself up on 1 foot because my right couldn’t hold my weight and my knee would give out. (Very scary and uncomfortable)

– I constantly had pains in my knees

– I would randomly cramp up in my legs or have them fall asleep

– If you have a truck or big car I would have to grab the assistance bar in your car to step up in it.

Now!!!! No pain in my knees, we have noticed that my swelling has gone down tremendously and some days doesn’t happen at all. I can get my knees up to my chest again with no problem. I am confident with my push-ups and squats. But my biggest accomplishment is being able to get in a second workout at home once Crossfit is complete. Yesterday I worked out twice and felt great. My biggest supporter is my honey because he knows how much i want to lose this weight. He cheered me on last night and spotted me as i got through my last set of pushups. (Wood Floors, i was sliding lol) So I am taking the initiative to do my Crossfit routine 4 times a week. I am loving seeing the definition in my legs again.
I was even pinning up my hair the other day and saw my bi-cep muscle flexing. Lovin It!!!!!!!!! I AM GOING TO MEET MY GOAL!


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Loc’n Up

It has been 2 months since my big decision to loc my hair. Over the past 2 months you couldn’t catch me with my hair out anywhere. Hardly even in the house. Only because I was still getting use to my locs. What I mean is, how to handle the new growth coming up out this scalp. “It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder”(In my Grandmaster Flash Voice)
I have worked and maneuvered headwraps and scarves in every way to conceal this jungle. Can you believe in 2 months my hair is Loc’d? I mean I’m not surprised cause this hair is Super THICK. So thick that my hair use to boycott and protest perms. I would be at the hairdresser for 6 hours and she would tell me as she is curling my hair that the perm didn’t take. Huh??? SUPER/ MAX, nothing, nada. My kinks are like weebles, they wobble but dont fall down.

I was still skeptical of making this transition but I’m happy with my choice. Especially while dealing with my health and getting back in shape, for all this sweating/panting/ huffin and puffin, they are perfect. I can pull them back, sweat through them, wash them, style them, and wrap them up with no worries. So far the products I’m feeling are Mango and Lime locking gel and Shea Moisture Frankensence & Myrh Shampoo and Moisture Mask.
What products work for you? Anyone without locs considering them?

Bye Bye Scarves and Wraps!




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All This Love

This weekend was sooo wonderful. After school the kids were off to their grandparents house on Friday. Whoop Whoop!!! I really needed this break. Work has been crazy and I was able to do some overtime and catch up on things. Which to me is great, cause I’m still making money and double at that. But I still had to get home and get some rest because I would be waking up early heading to the Amish Market. One of my very close friends is getting married at the end of the month, and I had to prepare a fruit platter and salad for her bridal shower. That fruit looked soo fresh and colorful. I swear the longer I stood there waiting to be served the more fruit I wanted to buy. The Bridal Shower turned out beautiful. I really enjoyed my afternoon of good friends, good food, and good laughs. I really feel blessed that she asked me to be a part of her special day. Relationships are a lot of work and either you are willing to do your part or step away. Her and her fiancé are beautiful people with great hearts that deserve the best. They understand what it takes and their roles to make it work.

This brings me to why my weekend was so marvelous. Leaving the bridal shower, I text my honey to see how work/his day was going. He IMMEDIATELY responded with “Headed to home, Want to go on a date?”
It was pretty late and I was going back in for more overtime on Sunday, so we decided to chill at one of our game day spots, Buffalo Wild Wings. It wasn’t a dressed up sexy date but it was an amazing evening. My baby pulled out my chair, he ordered my food (salad, since he’s worried about my BP), we watched football, we cracked jokes, we laughed, we held hands across the table as we talked about our dreams and goals for our family. Something we hadn’t done in a long time. And in that moment, I remembered why I Love him so much. This is something I chastise him about not doing enough. But when it’s right, it’s Right! We got home and cuddled and watched a movie and he helped me start preparing for Fric and Frac’s return. Sunday morning I got up to head in to work. As I was about to leave, he woke up to say “I Love You, even though I don’t want you to go, I want you to have a nice day. I will finish cleaning up.” For him, that’s outstanding because Sunday is his only day off. Not just that, Sunday is football day in our house. Most people Sunday is for The Lord. We praise The Lord, but after 12 the only Lord you gonna hear is pissed off at holding, flags on plays, or defense just all over the place. But this Sunday my honey re-embraced his multi- tasking skills. I got home from work and was pleased that he had rearranged our whole bedroom. And because of all his hard work to ensure I was happy, it also freed me up while the kids were gone to get my hair done and reorganize my closet. Such a relaxing and productive weekend. Now I’m back on my mommy grind.

How was your long weekend? How do you rekindle the fire in your relationship?

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Light Sleep

It can’t be just me. But I don’t get 8 hours of sleep. I hear things I usually would have slept through. I use to sleep GOOD! Now, I can hear the wind blow and I’m making sure the kids are still sleep. And it’s not just worrying about the kids. Honey works evening shift, which means sometimes it can be 11pm or 12am by the time he gets home. On the surface I’m not worried and usually talk to him or text as he’s headed home. But for some reason I cannot close my eyes comfortably and relax in deep sleep until I hear keys and our front door lock. Sometimes I wish I could turn these motherly instincts off. Because I always feel like I never get enough sleep.

It’s the same on the weekends. Even though I wake up at 5:30 during the week. My dayum kids, no matter how long we let them stay up on a Friday night, wake up at 7:00am on Saturday. It wouldn’t be so bad if they could be quiet and play and let me catch an extra hour or two. WRONG!!! These two are going through cabinets in the kitchen, arguing over who sitting on what couch, what cartoon they are going to watch and i hear loud Booms and Thuds from my daughter doing flips off the couch onto her tumbling mats and her big brother yelling “STOP” every 2 minutes. There is no real peace and quiet. So when they get up, I’m UP! Honey is usually up getting ready for work and then I have to hear him getting on them both for not letting me sleep. Which adds to the noise around me. I have even tried to pile everyone in our bed to lay back down and that turns into the kids tickling me, climbing on me, playing with my face, and covers being pulled off of me. Ughghh

Photo Courtesy of

Do you really get 8 hours of sleep? And how?

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Crossfit Week 2

OMG!! Even though my body is sore, I felt a lot more confident this week with the Crossfit training. I did have to slow down some but I will say this is working muscles, I forgot I had. Just from 2 weeks of training I can do 15 consistent push-ups and about 60 squats. Now I couldn’t do 1 push-up when we started but our trainer started us with 15 second intervals in between to catch our breath. I also had the extra help of my 3 year old jumping on my back mid push-up. But I can truly say, I Feel a Change. Even if its not a visible 60lbs in the mirror, it’s a start to me getting healthy. I know I’ll be sore tomorrow but its worth it.

I’m so excited, our workout group is growing……





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