Light Sleep

It can’t be just me. But I don’t get 8 hours of sleep. I hear things I usually would have slept through. I use to sleep GOOD! Now, I can hear the wind blow and I’m making sure the kids are still sleep. And it’s not just worrying about the kids. Honey works evening shift, which means sometimes it can be 11pm or 12am by the time he gets home. On the surface I’m not worried and usually talk to him or text as he’s headed home. But for some reason I cannot close my eyes comfortably and relax in deep sleep until I hear keys and our front door lock. Sometimes I wish I could turn these motherly instincts off. Because I always feel like I never get enough sleep.

It’s the same on the weekends. Even though I wake up at 5:30 during the week. My dayum kids, no matter how long we let them stay up on a Friday night, wake up at 7:00am on Saturday. It wouldn’t be so bad if they could be quiet and play and let me catch an extra hour or two. WRONG!!! These two are going through cabinets in the kitchen, arguing over who sitting on what couch, what cartoon they are going to watch and i hear loud Booms and Thuds from my daughter doing flips off the couch onto her tumbling mats and her big brother yelling “STOP” every 2 minutes. There is no real peace and quiet. So when they get up, I’m UP! Honey is usually up getting ready for work and then I have to hear him getting on them both for not letting me sleep. Which adds to the noise around me. I have even tried to pile everyone in our bed to lay back down and that turns into the kids tickling me, climbing on me, playing with my face, and covers being pulled off of me. Ughghh

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Do you really get 8 hours of sleep? And how?

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2 thoughts on “Light Sleep

  1. Sounds like someone’s having fun…just not you! LOL! The kids are going to remember these times as happy memories. Oh, how funny perspective can be!
    I don’t get 8 hrs…my husband goes to bed later than me and that keeps me up.

  2. Alecia_HBOP

    Yes, Motherology is full time work…. So take time for self and so when you get a break take full advantage of the time…Mothers, wives, female partners work is never done, it is a full time plus job….

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