Loc’n Up

It has been 2 months since my big decision to loc my hair. Over the past 2 months you couldn’t catch me with my hair out anywhere. Hardly even in the house. Only because I was still getting use to my locs. What I mean is, how to handle the new growth coming up out this scalp. “It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder”(In my Grandmaster Flash Voice)
I have worked and maneuvered headwraps and scarves in every way to conceal this jungle. Can you believe in 2 months my hair is Loc’d? I mean I’m not surprised cause this hair is Super THICK. So thick that my hair use to boycott and protest perms. I would be at the hairdresser for 6 hours and she would tell me as she is curling my hair that the perm didn’t take. Huh??? SUPER/ MAX, nothing, nada. My kinks are like weebles, they wobble but dont fall down.

I was still skeptical of making this transition but I’m happy with my choice. Especially while dealing with my health and getting back in shape, for all this sweating/panting/ huffin and puffin, they are perfect. I can pull them back, sweat through them, wash them, style them, and wrap them up with no worries. So far the products I’m feeling are Mango and Lime locking gel and Shea Moisture Frankensence & Myrh Shampoo and Moisture Mask.
What products work for you? Anyone without locs considering them?

Bye Bye Scarves and Wraps!




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4 thoughts on “Loc’n Up

  1. Erica


  2. Chris

    Too Cute!! 🙂

  3. Your hair is coming along beautifully!

  4. Neela

    Beautiful!!!! Although you could work a scarf like no other! I’ve been natural for 5 years now, and while I’m not in “loc” mode, I absolutely LOVE co-washing and walking out the door.

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