Crossfit Week 4

I have to give an Update on my Fitness and Weight Loss Journey. I know y’all are like what happened to week 3 since I jumped from 2 to 4. Well due to the holiday last Monday we did not have training. But I did work on my push-ups and did some dancing last week. Regardless, this week in Crossfit was a struggle. The routine pace has picked up and in longer intervals. The other parents and I work to rally around each other to help push our limits. We also ran a lap around the field after working out. I can honestly say I feel a difference. Because of my fluid and circulation issues in my right leg I was limited to doing certain things. I never even told my family about how much of a handicap the Lymphedema had caused. Here are some examples:

– When puttin on pants I had to sit because it was painful to lift my right leg over 1 foot off the ground. So think of what it was like putting on tights/ leggings. I had to bend over to put my feet in the holes.

– To get out of the bath, I had to pull myself up on 1 foot because my right couldn’t hold my weight and my knee would give out. (Very scary and uncomfortable)

– I constantly had pains in my knees

– I would randomly cramp up in my legs or have them fall asleep

– If you have a truck or big car I would have to grab the assistance bar in your car to step up in it.

Now!!!! No pain in my knees, we have noticed that my swelling has gone down tremendously and some days doesn’t happen at all. I can get my knees up to my chest again with no problem. I am confident with my push-ups and squats. But my biggest accomplishment is being able to get in a second workout at home once Crossfit is complete. Yesterday I worked out twice and felt great. My biggest supporter is my honey because he knows how much i want to lose this weight. He cheered me on last night and spotted me as i got through my last set of pushups. (Wood Floors, i was sliding lol) So I am taking the initiative to do my Crossfit routine 4 times a week. I am loving seeing the definition in my legs again.
I was even pinning up my hair the other day and saw my bi-cep muscle flexing. Lovin It!!!!!!!!! I AM GOING TO MEET MY GOAL!


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7 thoughts on “Crossfit Week 4

  1. CongratZ on your progress! I looking foward to keeping up with your lifestyle change.

  2. Neela

    Inspiring! Keep it up!

  3. Congrats on your progress!

  4. Keep up the great work! XO ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Chris

    Looking good J, Keep up the great work lil sis! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Alecia_HBOP

    I’m Proud…..

  7. Angie

    Hey Jameelah,

    You look great! I know you will reach your goal. I’m excited for you. Happy to support your journey.

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