Getting Them Involved- Election 2012

BARACK OBAMA! BARACK OBAMA! I hear kids yelling at our kids school. Some of them yell our presidents’ name like its a new dance. But do your children really understand the role of our president, how he gets there, and what decisions he has to make. Last night my son was asked to write about, what laws he would change as president and what he would discuss at his first debate? But I had to make sure he really understood the following before answering those questions:

– What is a President?

– How does a President become President?

– Do all countries have Presidents?

– What does their job include?

-What are big issues that our president has to focus on to keep the country running?

So before he started writing we sat down together and did some research on the Internet. We found a great interactive game on called “If I Were President”. My son first learned that the role of President is not served alone and how they pick their team of advisors. He then had to read through 5 biographies to choose 3 people to help advise him. From there he had to balance the budget between Healthcare, Education, Environment, Military, and Crime Prevention. Then once he devised a balanced budget, he had to present his plan to the people. From there he received a Q&A session with the press on why he chose the advisors he chose and an explanation of the percentages chosen for his balanced budget. Once he completed this a news article was published on the decisions he made and weather the people felt comfortable with his choices as president. It was a great way for him to clearly understand why we watch the debates and the things that are being discussed. At that point he was ready to tackle his homework and write a clear response.

There is also in-depth information on the site about the election and the candidates to help your child understand everything that will take place in the process. Check out these sites with your kids. Help them to understand the power of voting and the role we as American citizens play in the well being of our country and our future.

If I Were President

Election 2012</a


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4 thoughts on “Getting Them Involved- Election 2012

  1. Kadi

    This is excellent!! It’s so important to get them involved and give them the tools to be able to think critically for themselves! Bravo to you mommy 🙂

  2. Great post! I don’t have kids yet but I know that my husband will be more than happy to teach them about the importance of government/politics. Glad to know about the Scholastic resources as well!

  3. Alecia_HBOP

    Yes and he was so excited he came over to visit and asked me could he watch my copy of the debates…..Go Mom Go Mom Go!!!

  4. Wow! This is too great. I too think it’s important for children to know exactly what a President does and how he’s elected, or rather should be elected based on his good principles and not just the color of his skin.


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