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This week, will be a week to remember. And usually because its one if those times where I feel overwhelmed, I slack on my posts. But not anymore. I’m learning to balance so much more these days and still ensure I throw my readers a line. Because you support me when u don’t have to and I THANK YOU!!

I am getting ready for one of my closest friends wedding weekend. I literally started panicking Saturday night after the Bachelorette Party. There are a few reasons, but there has been alot of comedy on this journey. Around the same time that I bought my dress, I purchased a pair of shoes that I was sooo pressed to get because I knew I would be fierce, standing tall and looking sexy in. Silver shoes, and because my girl loves sparkles and bling, glitter 4 3/4 stacked t strap heel.

I got my life off of these until I got them home. I was soo pressed to model them for my Boo and as soon as I strapped them on and stood up, I was almost on the floor. He laughed me out for about 20 minutes. Now, Remember I have not worn a pair of heels in 3 years. May have trotted for an hour in a wedge or two. But those that know me well, my crocs are never far away. Needless to say I got the best deal on my sparkling high heel Dorothy slippers and could not wear them. Luckily we are all pretty close in shoe size, so someone will have the pleasure of rocking these, just not me. So for about a month I have been searching for my shoes for the wedding. It has been a task because either all heels are a stacked platform now or not so cute kitten heel. So since Saturday I have been in stores all over DC/MD/VA searching for shoes. Today after picking my kids up from school I decided to make a stop to check out a few more stores……and finally found my shoes. Glittery, silver, and a comfortable platform pump and ended up getting them for a steal. Im just happy that with this weight loss, a comfy heel and lots of water this week will keep my ankle from looking like a biscuit in a slinky. (lmao) I will post a picture once the wedding weekend is over.

Another reason why I’m flustered is because my girlfriend has asked me to do something special for her wedding day. I have had friends over the years ask me to perform one of my many talents for their weddings and have never taken them seriously. I used to sing when I was younger and will say I was the bomb. (Lol) But I almost cried when I received a request from the bride about 3 months ago. She is a friend that has always supported me, always had my back and never judged me. We are real with each other wether right or wrong. When we talk, we know we are gonna be on the phone for hours. We laugh so hard that we make the call drop and play telephone tag for 20 minutes trying to call each other back. She has helped me understand my youngest child, who is her Capricorn kindred spirit. She has made it her duty to get to know and play with my kids. And I Love her for that. So when she asked me to open up her wedding with spoken word, there was no hesitation or reservation. DONE! My panic comes in because she refuses to hear my poem before her big day. I understand, but I want to make her and her future husband proud. Because they are Great people! I have read the dedication to my Honey and he started getting emotional, asking if that’s the poem I was working on. I just pray that I do them justice.

Next I have gotten too excited with all these DIY nail projects on Pinterest, that I had to get the rude awakening that no I AM NOT a nail technician and I WILL NOT be showcasing any of these experiments any time soon. In my head I was going to add a tip to the two nails I broke, apply my own acrylic, and freak out this pink and silver glitter ombré nail for the wedding. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought all my supplies and tried this experiment with one nail. And my hand looked like this:

My skills were bad enough that the acrylic extra finger that I created popped off the next day. I was hiding that experimental thumb for a whole day at work, praying no one would ask to see my nails. So I will be heading to get my nails done, eyebrows waxed, and everything else. I may try my hand at the nails at a later date. For right now I will let the professionals do their job.

Either way I am looking forward to a great week.

What’s Up With You?

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One thought on “What’s Up

  1. Erica

    wait. your hand did NOT look like that. bahahahahahahahaha. too funny. this is an exciting week indeed. didn’t mean to cause you any stress…but i aint trippin’ cuz guess what….ur superwoman. you can read your poem, juggle the kids, whip up some peach cobbler, direct people to their seats AND read a book…all at the SAMEDAMNTIME. at any rate…i love u..and i know whatever you perform is going to be beautiful. thank you in advance.

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