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Giving Thanks!!!

The past few weeks have been rough for me. But through it all I was able to realize how thankful one should be to just breathe another day. To wake up and see my children’s faces, to know that I will go home to my family regardless to our judgements, our disagreements and or wants that interfere with our needs.

Two weeks ago I was rushed to the hospital at 6:30am via ambulance. Had I been sick… No! Did I know what was wrong… No! I woke up at 5:30am like every work day. Got the kids washed dressed and ready for school. I shower while my oldest packs up lunches and they eat breakfast. The kids continued downstairs as usual and I proceed to the shower. I close the door and get a piercing cramp in my stomach. I’m thinking here she comes, the beginning of my period (the Cracken). But the cramp gets worse, I sit on the toilet to deal with the pain and now I can’t move my legs and I’m sweating profusely. I called my son to wake his dad and after that my family had to fill in the blanks.

Thankful 1- Thank God for signs from our body to say something is wrong

My honey road with me in the ambulance. They asked me questions, like my name, address and medical allergies. We get to the hospital and he immediately starts filling out the paperwork without asking me a single thing. This was a PROUD of him moment. Why? Because I Love my Boo to death but he gets frustrated in situations where they keep asking you for the same stuff but they ain’t tellin you nothing. And sometimes he ain’t too polite with it, but this day he held his composure. My mom got the kids and took them to school because as they say my babies were traumatized from seeing me passed out like that. My son even said ” after the ambulance came, he was just waiting for someone to tell him his mom died”. (HURT MY HEART) And my daughter was mad at the bathroom because she thought the toilet did something to me. (Hell Naw we not back pedaling on this potty thing) But grandma had a good talk with them and they went on to have outstanding days in school.

Thankful 2- My Honey kept his cool to ensure my stretcher wasn’t hoisted out on the curb with me on it.

About 3 hours in to registration, blood work, my mom comes to the hospital so Honey can go to work. He wanted to stay but I told him to go ahead cause when he doesn’t work he doesn’t get paid. Plus if we were gonna be there all day, sooner than later his attitude from waiting would be in full effect.

Thankful 3- Thank you Grandma for helping my babies refocus and honey to keep his cool, while deep inside they all were losing their minds wondering what’s wrong.

So 15 minutes after my mom arrives a nurse comes in and says “your blood work came back and you are pregnant..Congratulations!” And walks out the room. My mother looked like she wanted to sock her in the mouth, only because a happy pregnancy DOES NOT include cramping and passing out.
We talked for a few minutes as we waited for the doctor. Yeah, I cried!
Because I LOVE MY CHILDREN and no wouldn’t mind adding another to the bunch. But I just started getting over health issues from my last pregnancy. This was my main concern. It’s not selfish because I want to be the best mom I can be for the two that I have.

Thankful 4- Thank God for being able to be honest with myself and know my limits.

The Doctor comes in to take me to get an ultrasound done. That ultrasound turns into 3 and a pelvic exam that took about 45 minutes. Especially because the are pushing and poking while I’m still in pain. I ask the technician what she saw and if anything was wrong, her response, “I need to talk to the doctor”. She wheels me back to my room and a few minutes later, the doctor arrives. They put a call in to an OB/GY surgeon who was headed there to consult with me about my options. They put me on an IV and monitor my pain. I was then diagnosed around 1pm with an ectopic pregnancy. For those that don’t know, this means the fetus decided to form and grow in my Fallopian tube, which if not caught and ruptures could kill you.

Thankful 5- Thank God for Thankful 1 again and my ultrasound technician moving her feet to find the doctor.

Now we are still waiting for the surgeon to get there but it’s getting close to the kids getting out of school. This also was the big day for my son’s end of the season soccer tournament and we were amped up for this before I got sick, so I be dayum if my baby is missing his game. So my middle big sis comes to stay with me while Grandma gets the kiddies and heads to the game to cheer him on. As me and my sister sit in my room waiting…all there is to do is crack jokes. My nurses name was Sukie and my crazy ass in the hospital whispering “Sookie” like I’m Bill in True Blood. She’s checking tweets and Instagram and I barely want to deal with my phone due to severe pain in my right hand. The surgeon comes and proceeds to explain my options and what they need to do. Some of the things discussed totally had us shocked at how far we have come with technology. A decision was made and as I was medicated and told on 3 occasions that I would be discharged. Then my nurse came back saying well we’ve decided to monitor you for another hour. Well I’ve been in the hospital from 6:30 that morning and at that time it was about 7:00pm. I had been poked, pulled, and prodded and not even offered a glass of water. Now due to them pushing back my discharge, I receive a 1 piece of meat, no cheese, 1 piece of lettuce, 1 tomato, dry ass turkey sandwich. It was pitiful but I was starving so I ate it. My sister laughed me out about trying to turn that piece of a sandwich into something worth eating. The funniest part of the night was that when they actually came to discharge me, my exit gear was a dayum mess. Now 3 people have rotated shifts to make sure I was okay. I literally was half dressed when I was taking out in the ambulance. So my sister says get dressed and I bust out laughing, regardless to my pain. I had my sweatpants on, my night shirt with no bra, my slippers, a warm towel that was put around me to absorb the sweat so I wouldn’t catch cold and a blanket they wrapped around me from my couch. Nobody could bring me clothes, a bra, some draws, my coat. I was a mess but ready for this nightmare to be over.

Thankful 6- Thank God for my family, my sisters, my support system because its strong on all ends.

Well the nightmare was nowhere near over. From that day forward for two weeks I found myself in and out of the hospital. My blood levels were rising and the medication was not doing a thing. Two days before Thanksgiving I’m back in the hospital. The doctors were concerned and needed me to come back in for a second assessment, blood work and medication. I was pissed because all that day I was waiting for the doctor to deliver good news and it wasn’t good. I ended up needing a second dosage of medication that would remove the fetus from my Fallopian tube. The nurse had to put on 3 cover ups and two pair if gloves to administer my meds. After research and asking more questions because the medicine made me sick, we find out that what I have been given twice is a form of Kemo. Yes, Kemo as in cancer. This concerned me because I’m praying that it has no long term effects on my health. But just so you ladies know this is how they treat an ectopic pregnancy. Not happy with this but happy I did not have to endure surgery.

Thankful 7- Thank God they have found better ways to treat this type of pregnancy. Doctors used to have to do surgery to remove the fetus or take your tube.

Today I went for my final labs. I pray that everything has passed and I can work on recovery. Even though my physical has yet to heal, my emotions are fully in tact. I even sat down and explained everything to my son. My daughter does not really understand but my big boy picks up on everything. I never want him to think I kept something from him. This is one thing my mom did that I wish she didn’t. As a child you think your parents are super heroes but sometimes children need to know and see that vulnerability to understand they are human too. I’m not perfect and I make mistakes but I’m thankful for those too because they have help make me who I am.

Thankful 8- Thank God for my life lessons because they make me stronger, smarter, and keep my faith high. I knew this was a test of my faith because I endured pain, fear, hurt, regret, love, and acceptance all in a few days. My pain was excruciating but I got through it. My family and friends stood by me, my office prayed for me, and I prayed for myself. I prayed to be able to go home and say I LOVE YOU! To tell my babies how proud I am of them. To cuddle and watch movies, to kiss their boo boos, to argue, to yell, to breathe.

I AM STILL HERE!!! Sooooo Thankful for that.

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Recap: Yours/Mine Secondhand Shopping Soirée

About 3 weeks ago, I had the luxury of blogging from and attending the Yours/Mine Secondhand Shopping Soirée. My lovely sister Nae had the pleasure of covering this event last year, but she participated in the Autism walk this year and suggested the CEO/Founder Patrice Washington contact me. Y’all know I was excited, because this is right up my alley. Secondhand shopping inclusive of a blogging opportunity…I’m in. Patrice was so personable and excited about me joining the press team, she even created my very own press pass for the event.

Too Cute, Right?

There were vintage, secondhand, and design inspired pop up shops. The best part is the place was filled with some of this years hottest trends. Sexy peplum dresses, sequence/rhinestones/all that shimmer, oxblood separates, sexy pumps, grand accessories and even an evening fur find or two. I think I ended up shopping as much as I snapped pictures because I left with a few new pieces to add to my wardrobe. There were stylist available in house, like Stania Romain. You could even sip on a Frugal Girl Tini while you shopped. Which was DeeLish!!


I have added these great vendors to my address book because I will be keeping up with them as I search for future finds. Check out my photos and these chic vintage boutiques. Also the Yours/Mine Secondhand Shopping Soirée will be back hosting a Pre-Holiday event on December 8th. Be on the look out, because this is a shopping experience you don’t want to miss.




Participating Vendors:

Krissy’s Klozet

Fia’s Fabulous Finds

Esther Woo Vintage

Consignment Diva

Classic Afrikan

Boozhee Couture

Whitney “Nic”James

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God Bless America


Yes I stayed up! We all stayed up watching coverage of the Election. We laughed, we cried (I cried and he laughed at me) lol, we dougied. I know we are Bammas, right? But I am a proud American right now! Tonight was clear that democracy can work. Our votes were cast and our voices heard.

TWO TERMS!!!! (Sorry) Black People we got 4 more years! Lol! Not saying that because I feel entitled to anything just because he is black. But for the fact he is the First Black President and now he is the First Black President to serve 2 terms. A Force to be reckoned with, a man with a dream, a man with a purpose. Disliked for wanting us all to succeed. Voting for me was important because of my children. The decisions we make now will have the largest impact on our future. It is our responsibility to pave the road for them to live out their American Dream. Now it’s time for us all to come together, to do our part as American citizens to help not just ourselves but our country succeed. Our Ancestors are probably looking like that scene in Barbershopwhen Jimmy and Isaac were beefing then somebody turned on Marvin Gaye and everybody started dancing. So I’m celebrating but not bragging because we have alot of work ahead of us. That’s right WE! President Obama was not alone in reclaiming his seat and we cannot abandon him throughout his second term. We must stand and fight with him. Support him and the best interests for our country and our future. So with that said, God Bless America!!!

Lets ALL make these next 4 years count!

I remember reciting this poem as a child and it is still relevant today.

I, Too, Sing America
by Langston Hughes

I, too, sing America.

I am the darker brother.
They send me to eat in the kitchen
When company comes,
But I laugh,
And eat well,
And grow strong.

I’ll be at the table
When company comes.
Nobody’ll dare
Say to me,
“Eat in the kitchen,”

They’ll see how beautiful I am
And be ashamed—

I, too, am America.

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VOTE- Exercise Your Right

I have been having some technical difficulties the past week, but I am forcing myself to work through it. I had to write this post just to tell people how important it is to VOTE.

I don’t care if you are sick, if you have to lug your kids/pets, if you have to take leave because your ignorant boss is not supportive in your civil right. Grab your cane, walker, wheelchair, blanket, extra pressure pills or insulin shot. So what if you don’t want to stand in the cold or the lines are too long. If you don’t have a ride hop on the bus, the train or walk. Also connect and network with people offering rides to polling places. Regardless to your obstacles or circumstance, if you have the right, exercise it. Today is the day we all can make a difference.



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Notice Something New

Have you noticed anything different about my blog? My New and Improved banner. Thank you to my fellow BLMGirl Her Name is Kim. Who was more than helpful with giving my banner a facelift. But when she sent my proofs, I fell in love with this one. I won her free banner makeover at our Bloggers Like Me DMV Meetup back in August at Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge.


Bloggers Like Me is a network started by Leslie Hendricks Young of over 500 women of color that blog about everything and provide tips to each other from every aspect of blogging inclusive of marketing/digital imaging/social media/e-stores/brand building/sponsorship/ and much more. I think I’m the only sorry sap that did not do a recap even though I have had one in draft since that night. The Meetup was AH-MAZING! Full of networking, great conversation, and beautiful women bloggers with warm and inviting attitudes. It was All Love!! Style, blog tips, photography, digital media were all a buzz. As well as the large amount of toiletry donations to benefit the youth of PG County CASA. Our wonderful hostess with the mostest Karen Curtis also had her Stella and Dot jewelry on display, swag bags, raffles, cupcakes from DivasConfections and drinks from HonestTea. We all even walked away with lovely accessories from Mimi Boutique.


Thank you Mimi Boutique. I have truly fallen in love with this ring.

So after all of that greatness, a sister still got hooked up with a free banner makeover. Huh? Thanks BLM Sisters, how you like me now.

Please stop by and get your life and inspiration from some of my fellow BLM DMV Bloggers. You WILL NOT be disappointed.

LaToria Brent Next Brides on Facebook

Janeen Lewis

Iysha Robinson

Nae Carter.

Tevyka Heyward

Simona M Young

Michele Peters

Kara Johnson

Jennifer Jean Pierre

Taya Dunn Johnson

Karen Perkins Curtis

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