My New Black Friday

Soo the past few years, I have literally overwhelmed myself with the large retailer Black Friday frenzy. After getting a reality check last Holiday Season, I realized I AM NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE. Too much drama and too many attitudes. Last year my plan was to stand in the Toys R Us line in Clinton at 3am because they were opening at 5am. I got there and there was a double line wrapped around the store twice. I turned my car around so fast, then decided to check out the Walmart across the way. I walk in and the lines are to the back of the store. There were lines formed in every aisle of the store and a lot of the door busters were still wrapped and on pallets in bundles. I walked through and before exiting, I walked past the area where the 32″ flatscreen TV’s for $180. The manager came through at cut that tape and 2 women start pushing, shoving, cussing and fighting over grabbing a tv first. During this altercation small children were witnessing this poor behavior. Regardless I’m soo not doing the Black Friday thing anymore. Unless……………..
I’m Thrifting. I got my shop on with peace and quiet, inclusive of variety, brand names, and great sale prices. 40% off of $1-$8. 3 winter coats, 2 pair of jeans, 2 sweater dresses, 5 blouses, 2 hats, 3 pair kids jeans, 2 pair of work slacks, a scarf for $32. Then because I’m a regular, I received an extra 25% off which brought my total to $24. Some brands included in my buy are from The Limited, Moschino, Jones NewYork, Anne Klein, Worthington, The Gap, Torrid, INC, BCBGMaxazria.

This was also great retail therapy after getting out of the hospital. Plus it took me about 30 mins to get in and out. I could have done more but I was headed back home to meet up with my sister and my mom for a girls day while the kids were away. Just know from now on I will be Thrifting on Black Friday. NO CAMPING OUT, NO LINES, NO DRAMA.



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