Christmas Spirit

It’s soo funny that before December hit, my son was talking about being grateful and that Christmas is about giving. All his discussions about not wanting anything for Christmas and speeches to his sister about them giving their toys to kids less fortunate. Then Saturday night we put up our tree and decorated it. He chose a white tree this year because he says we always do a traditional green tree. Well to my surprise this child started losing his mind yesterday as he was explaining to his sister why he loves Christmas time. In his words:

– You get to spend time with our whole family

– You celebrate baby Jesus

– All the good Cartoon Movies Come on

– There is lots of food, cakes, cookies, and pies with delicious egg nog

– You get to stay up longer

– There are lots of presents

Here is where (as he says) he went HAM, like HAMMY from “Over The Hedge”.

“I Love Presents, the way they look, how the wrapping paper feels in your hands, ripping the paper in excitement not knowing what could be in there. Then your presents are different sizes and in different style boxes or wrapping paper and your mind is going crazy of what it could be. The Fun, The Mystery, The Excitement!”

And while his rant continues his little sister is looking at him with her mouth wide open and busts out laughing. I couldn’t help but laugh either as he was going on 70 mph.

He turns to her and says “You’re Getting Coal”. “But its okay because I wouldn’t mind coal, we can use it to keep the house warm. Lol”

Lord, putting that tree up really sparked the spirit in our house. I guess I can say they are ready for Christmas.

Are you in the Christmas Spirit or trying to get there? What gets you in the holiday spirit.


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2 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit

  1. Chris

    Aww..How cute! We have a white xmas tree also. 🙂

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