Tag You’re Sick

What the heck is in a child’s cold that moves on to everybody in the house and spreads like the plague. Every time our 3 year old gets sick once it gets to us, it’s like the kiss of death. Then we are all soar and congested and laid up while she’s smiling, laughing, and running around like she was never sick. It’s like a game of tag. She gets sick we nurse her back to health, then boom we’re it.

Now, my family is very health conscious but for some reason whatever germs she spreads kills all the Vitamin C prevention. Airborne doesn’t work. Echinacea and Goldenseal are a joke. I just want to know what is in her cold that takes us all down for the count. Literally Sunday after nursing her back to health, I felt like Marquez came to my house and hit me like he did Pacquiao.


Now I am trying to get better and nurse the rest of the household back to good health.
But I swear whatever comes from a child’s cold, we should use in chemical warfare. Send my 3 year old to any location sick and she’ll wipe them out.

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3 thoughts on “Tag You’re Sick

  1. Aww man I hope you guys feel better soon, being sick a d having to take care of everyone else as well sucks.

  2. Mother’s have all the work to do, while everybody else kicks up their heels…. Get better all my familly

  3. Vera Jackson

    Ain’t th

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