So Sorry Connecticut!


My heart is heavy from the senseless killing spree that just took place in Connecticut. As a mother, It hurts to know that others have lost their young and innocent children by sending them to get an education. The past few years it seems as though these types of incidents are on the rise. These angry, miserable, unhappy punks bring their rage to a public stage taking innocent lives for what? What have they done to you?

It hurts me because we as parents work hard to send our children to school for social and educational development but now have to be worried with, how do we protect them at the same places where we assume they are safe. I cannot fathom being one of these families receiving that call. And what about the kids affected from witnessing such a violent act. These are babies, Elementary school children. These types of situations are what is turning or school facilities into prison facilities. So I guess now our young children will be housed in schools with barbed wires, metal detectors, surveillance cameras, security check points and enclosed in bullet proof glass. WHY???

These are smiling faces still filled with nursery rhymes and morning sunshine. Happy to go to school and learn new things and meet new friends. Now their friends are gone, their lives stolen and forever shattered.

God Bless Every Family affected by today’s events. Wrap and Keep those precious little angels that were targeted and those that had to watch.

I Am a Mother with 2 children in Elementary school. I visited them at school today during my lunch break and got back to work to hear this breaking news. It Hurts! It Scares You! To know that you can do everything as a parent and still not be able to protect your children.

We Have To Do More! We Have To Do Better! This IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

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One thought on “So Sorry Connecticut!

  1. So beautifully said…. Yes we have to take back our society and work to not allow things like this to happen by forgiving, loving, respecting, each other and releasing the war & pain within ourselves: This site offers a way for us to work where ever we are:

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