The Joy of Christmas

Last night the kids played. They ran through their grandparents house with excitement and full of energy. We watched movies in the theatre room, we read stories, laughed, drank wine and of course the kids HAD to make cookies for Santa. My son is still straddling the fence on whether Santa is real or not but he’s still in the spirit. Although I am missing being with my family, I am in good hands with my in-laws. Since our immediate family on both sides is scattered, it’s great for the kids to see their cousins from out of town. But just everyone coming together, working together, laughing, hugging, talking, breaking bread and praying together. The ripping of wrapping paper, the smiles of the children, the Christmas specials all are apart of the joys of Christmas. As I’ve gotten older I love the joy of giving and don’t really worry about receiving. But everything I have gotten I Love, Cherish, and Appreciate. Enjoy this day that we have been given with Love, Family, and Friends. Tomorrow is the start of Kwanzaa, the holiday we were raised celebrating. I will post Kwanzaa information over the next seven days to share with you some of our family traditions. To all my readers, friends, and family God Bless and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Holidays to you and yours from my family to yours!


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One thought on “The Joy of Christmas

  1. Erica

    very cute pic.

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