Kwanzaa- Principles 2 and 3 “Habari Gani”

KujichaguliaSelf Determination. This is the second principal of Kwanzaa. Start putting together a list of goals you want to reach for yourself this year and ways to reach them. All it takes is baby steps. But remember acting on them will determine your outcome. Be diligent, be steadfast, be your own best ally. I plan on focusing on this a lot in 2013.

Along with the 3rd principle Ujima, Collective Work and Responsibility. This year starting my blog has taught me so much about the blogosphere. Most of that knowledge has come from networking, the will to listen, advice from my blogging community inclusive of my BLMGirls, BeBlogalicious,BlogFrog ,BlogLovin. Thank you for being my teachers this year and embracing me with open arms. As I grow my vision and work on giving you more of myself in 2013, I’m focused on my responsibility to my readers and any branding/ blogging partners. I have a goal to live my passion. Like my mom says,”we are not born into this world alone, there is always help around each corner. It’s what you do with it that counts”.

How will you incorporate self determination and collective work and responsibility in your New Year?

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