Habari Gani-Kwanzaa days 4 and 5

UJAMAA, Cooperative Economics
I was taught to always give back to my community and minority small businesses. Growing up during this time of year any money spent was at small black businesses or vendor(now called pop-up shop)events. My mother always emphasized supporting our own black businesses. This is something that we have decided to start doing much more of again. This past year, I have had several friends, family members, and acquaintances leap out on faith to start their own businesses in and around my community. I plan on showing more support this year and beyond. Who doesn’t want the support of close friends and family when you make a life changing decision? We all do! If you have anyone in your circle that has done this, wether this year, last year, even ten years ago, it’s never too late to show your support!

NIA, Purpose
When I was little, I had friends named Nia. Because I knew the meaning from the Kwanzaa Symbols, I used to think wow she knows she has a purpose because its in the meaning of her name. But as I grew I realized that your purpose isn’t spelled out in the meaning of your name. It’s in your actions! We all get so wrapped up in what other people are doing we forget to focus on self. Have you asked yourself “What Am I Doing?” We ALL are born with a purpose, we live to define our purpose. To accept, to grow, to master the divine being in ourselves. If you haven’t found your purpose yet, just know you wouldn’t be here without one. Work on defining yours in 2013. I KNOW I AM!

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