What’s New for 2013


Happy Hump Day Readers! What’s New for 2013?
This year I’m making some great changes and will be adding some new content. I started this blog to discuss the everyday issues in relationships today. I have touched on this a little but this year, I have decided to add a weekly “Couples Session”. There is so much to touch on in this subject and it will get juicy. Also I am bringing in the New Year preparing for a healthier me with the BLM Get Fit Challenge. As you all know I started Crossfit last year to start my weight loss journey. This year I am doing a whole lot to change not only my weight but what I eat. I will be documenting my journey via Instagram as well as some updates on my blog. I am ready to take it up a notch and actually drop some sizes not just a few pounds. 2013 will have me moving either way. I’m juggling two weddings, two months apart…My Sister Nae and one of my closest girlfriends from highschool, My other Gemini twin. Pray for me! I also will be doing some collaborative blogging and tons of giveaways. I also will be highlighting great start ups and minority businesses in the DC Area as well as my fellow bloggers. You know there will still be lots of stories about the kids and my parenting reflection, because that is a work in progress. But I’m So Excited for 2013!! Are you?

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2 thoughts on “What’s New for 2013

  1. Erica

    Yaaaay! Congrats to Nae. love it!

  2. Neela

    Who could that gorgeous, Gemini Twin be….

    Can’t wait to get tips regarding the weight loss journey! My priority for the New Year = health!

    2013 is OUR year!

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