Knowing When to Know Him

Last weekend, we enjoyed watching my great Redskins beat up on the Cowboys. Yes, this is die hard Redskin Country over here. We route for our home team! Anyway we watched the game over family members house and as we ordered food… Knowing When to take charge came up. The first call was made to Pizza Boli’s. The employee over the phone tells me they are out of wings. As I proceed to relay the message to a house full of intoxicated, rowdy redskins fans and tell the person on the line thank you but never mind. My honey says ” What?, WTH they a wing and pizza place and run out of wings. Thats some Bullshit” He had a point and it was funny but we knew who wasn’t going to be handling the food order.
Next I called Dominoes and placed an order for delivery. Everything went smooth and my wait time was 45 minutes. Well as we reach the hour mark, everybody is asking about the food. I proceeded to tell my honey to call back and inquire about the order and STOPPED dead in my tracks.

Let’s think…..Hmmm, he’s been drinking for about an hour and he’s still hesitant about the game. Oh hell no. “Never mind, I will call! Do not get on the phone.” I know when he needs to take a backseat because the outcome of him calling and me calling flashed through my mind and were totally different. If he calls to check on the food either they will cancel the order, take longer, never deliver there again or something is going to be terribly wrong with our food. If I call we may get a partial refund or a complimentary extra because of our patience.

Then when I called back, I just so happen to get stuck with the most nonchalant, slow talking, bamma in the world. Picture talking to the teacher from South Park, mmmkay. Here is a recap of the conversation:

Dominos: “Thank you for calling Dominos, How may I help you”
Me: ” Yes, I placed an order about an hour ago and checking on the delivery status”
Dominos: What address?
Me: 25 Kockey Street
Dominos: Yep that order is out for delivery. Hol Up, let me call the driver. Teresa is bringing that order.
Me: OK…….1 min later
Dominos: Your order should be there soon. Where you live at again?
Me: Huh?
Dominos: Where is that on Kockey Street cause I live on Kockey Street
Me: Near the end (irritated voice), can I get an update on my delivery
Dominos: I’m sorry ma’am I was just asking, your driver should be pullin up, Thank you for your patience

Food came a few minutes later. Nice and simple.

Here is what the conversation would have sounded like if I let him handle it:

Dominos: “Thank you for calling Dominos, How may I help you”
Ru: “You can help me by telling me why it’s taking so damn long for my food to get hear” You said 40 minutes and its been 60, I don’t appreciate this shit!”
Dominos: Excuse Me Sir, we are busy and what address is this for?
Ru: “Man, I gotta give you the address again when I’m calling you from the same number. I know the address show up if the number in your system. This is some bull, y’all playing with people food.”
Dominos: Where you live on Kockey Street?
Ru: “You threatening me? What you and your Domino thugs gonna show up at my house. This ain’t even my house. Where’s my food?”

Just an example of how the whole conversation goes south after a few drinks and no food. And if I would have let him handle it, there would have been alot of hungry and angry people. But I knew when to take charge.

This situation for us comes up in several scenarios, especially dealing with people with a lack of customer service. (Almost everywhere nowadays)





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