Happy 4th Birthday Ryann

4 years ago on January 13th. I gave birth to my little princess. Yesterday we celebrated her birthday with family doing everything she loves. Up at 7:35 Sunday morning, she comes down to the kitchen, “Happy Birthday Mommy!” She requested specific foods inclusive of mommy’s cupcakes but she also wanted to be able to mix and bake her own cupcakes. She is always helping me in the kitchen but it seems that lately she wants to do everything herself. Her big brother said “Mommy i want to get Ryann that oven she wants. I will give you the money in my room.” Dad and I agreed to put up the rest. So what did she get for her birthday, the Ultimate Easy Bake Oven with all the accessories. She screamed and jumped for joy when she saw what she had gotten. She immediately put on her apron and got mixing. It was funny how she enlisted her father to be her assistant. She had him pulling out pans, timing the mixes, Pre heating the oven. It was hilarious! She made her first set of cupcakes and put icing on them and immediately started walking around handing them out. On top of that she has been playing in my scarf that my sister bought me for Christmas. I wanted to order one for her but knew it would not be here by Sunday. I decided to make her very own scarf to match her coat for her birthday. She walked around trying on and off her new scarf. Last but not least, Ryann is our little painter. She could paint everyday, all day if we let her. We framed some of her artwork to hang in her room. It amazes me to see how my baby has grown. You’re 4 Now, Happy Birthday Princess! We LOVE YOU!

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One thought on “Happy 4th Birthday Ryann

  1. Neela

    What a great way to celebrate her 4th birthday! I know the cupcakes were delish. Happy birthday, Ry-bear!

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