Did I Miss Something

In the past few weeks I have witnessed some very unsettling situations. Whether at a restaurant, out in public, doctors office, school and its sickens me. Some days I feel like I’m in another world. Manners are nonexistent, along with active/caring parents, and just having love for self. Why is it soo cool to show your ass? Why is it okay to be filthy and think you cute? And who is giving these kids the okay to cuss and talk to adults like they are grown. Don’t call me baby unless you are older than me. And don’t think I won’t open my mouth and ask you to say excuse me when you push pass my child in the store. What is our society turning into?
What are we teaching our children? As all this happens my kids look around shocked because they rarely have to interact with such foolishness. My son looks at me like, “I’m not doing anything, it ain’t me”.

It saddens me because its my people. We show our boys that its okay to walk around looking like you got out of jail. We are teaching our girls to lower their standards and not to set expectations. We are leaving a legacy with a don’t care attitude. And that gives me attitude.

I feel like I missed the announcement that this was cool and acceptable. I’m trying to remember when our world changed so much. And it seems like my generation is the cause. Are we that selfish, that nonchalant, that oblivious to how we are changing the course of history.

I pray that there are more of us putting a genuine effort into our children’s lives. I hope that our children get more out of the meaning of life, hope, peace, and love for themselves and others. Because right now, it’s scary to think of where we are headed. I missed something and I just keep praying my children miss it too.

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One thought on “Did I Miss Something

  1. I appreciate you posting this. There are to many times when I feel like I have missed something in translation when out and about.

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