My New Favorite Things (3 Stories in 1)

I’M SO EXCITED, AND I JUST CAN’T HIDE IT!!! I have finally found the first pair of comfortable heels for my feet. Right before the holidays I treated myself to a cute little outfit from Forever 21. Well I just so happened to notice these really cute platform booties in a royal blue sueve (faux suede), lol. I saw that the heel was thick and they were on clearance, so I figured why not test the waters. After two days of breaking them in at home. I decided to wear them to work to really see how long I could last in them. I did it! I rocked my heels, moved around for 8 hours and no swelling. I couldn’t believe it, but my workout is paying off. I will be purchasing these in every color.


6 months ago I made a decision to loc my hair. These past few months have been rough with dealing with wicked new growth, getting a great maintenance routine, and learning how to show versatility in styling my locs. Chiiiile this was one of the best hair decisions I have ever made. I have never been a hair person. Now, I have started a romance with my hair. I Love It! I have found my style. Six Months and look at the growth.


I used to be a bag whore. I would purchase a new bag every other month. Satchels, hobos, sling packs, clutches, carryall, you name it. I still love my bags but I have slowed down tremendously. It’s been almost a year since I have bought a new bag but I know when my birthday approaches I will be ready to treat myself again. Regardless since I have had my children, I love toting a large bag. Snacks, extra pairs of clothes, first aid kit, and other necessities. So for Christmas my oldest sister got me my new sidekick. I love the design, the contrast, and the durability. A great piece to add to my collection. So loving my Neiman Marcus North South Crocodile Embossed Tote.


What are some of your favorite things right now? What influences your signature style?

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One thought on “My New Favorite Things (3 Stories in 1)

  1. Your old sister has some great taste because I have the bag as well! A couple of my favorite things right now is 1) my new phone – Samsung Galaxy II and 2) my recent purchase – New Look Structure Tote Bag via ASOS.

    I don’t know what influences my style. I know I’m inspired by what I read (books, magazines, blogs) and watch. Also, street style.

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