My kids were out of school last Friday. On days like that I go in early to work so that I can leave early. This Friday bad idea. I went in at 4:30am thinking I’m leaving around 1pm. WRONG!! Half of my office took off, then I had to wait for the copier repair guy to come. He gets to my office at 3:00 and it takes him 2 hours to fix the machine. I was sooo upset because not only did he keep me in the office longer, he messed up my planned afternoon nap so that I could be well rested for my girlfriends birthday party that night. My mother kept the kids while I was at work and around 3:30 she called saying they were going to Patuxtent park. Which meant if I would have gotten home I could have napped for a good 3 hours before they returned. But Noooo! By the time I got in the door,used the bathroom, and started dinner prep. My kids come screaming through the door to tell me about what they did today. As my son talks, my daughter has to try to over talk him then he starts teasing her so I can’t hear anything she says. Then it’s nonstop can I read this to you? Did you see what I got? Can we play this game? Mommy can you show me how? Can I sing you a song? Are you working out today? This went on for an hour. I felt like my head was spinning. Both of them fighting for my attention and of course I oblige. I’m a circus monkey, I play dress up, I listen to stories and tell them, I dance and play music, I’m the tickle monster, the at home Literacy teacher and editor all while preparing dinner. With the fact that my kids are at two different stages with totally different interests, I feel like the rope in tug of war. By 9:30 I have showered and dressed and I am waiting for daddy to come home and takeover. I pass out with both kids fully dressed across my bed. The house could have caught on fire and I would have never known. It’s been a long time since my kids have tucked me in. And I felt terrible missing my girls birthday party. I guess my body said enough is enough.

Have your kids ever tucked you in? How do you juggle ages/interests of your children without feeling like someone is being neglected?

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