What really happens in that room?

‘Everyone Out’: Cardinals are locked into Sistine Chapel until one emerges as Pope

Titles like this intrigue me. What exactly does this mean? If you are not a witness or locked into the room during this process, what do you think happens while a new Pope is chosen? This is when my mind goes on its own journey of how the Pope is chosen. Just reading the headline, I’m thinking there is an intense sword fight going on between the 20 candidates that only the other cardinals get to watch. Is it a race to see who can pray the fastest? Lol (Forgive me in no way am I trying to offend anyone, its just been the discussion of the day at work). Okay, Do they paper, rock, scissors for hours or keep voting until its unanimous? (Hee Hee Hee) When the Pope is chosen white smoke rises from the Sistine Chapel. I’m imagining its really great special effects from tear gas and hand grenades used during these fights to claim the throne. There is no cameras and all we can go by is what we have been told in history and overtime. But just like a child my imagination goes crazy of what is actually taking place in that room. Is there snickering, whispering, and hatin going on? Or is anyone in there rolling their eyes at who the 20 top candidates are? You can ask soo many questions. I really do know the process of choosing a new Pontif, but want to know what you imagine happens behind those closed doors.



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One thought on “What really happens in that room?

  1. This is likeThe First Council of Nicaea this is when the world was turned upside down and Jesus all of a sudden became white….etc….hmmmm

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