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The last time you heard from me, I was headed to the BlogaliciousFive Conference. It was FABULOUS and gave me such a clearer view of what I needed to do to be great as a blogger and a business owner. Also met so many great people that even during my hiatus would send a note of encouragement and motivation. Because of that, I’M BACK!!!!!!!!! I know it’s been a while (1.5 years to be exact). But I have soo much to share. I’ve missed my readers, my passion for writing, but most of all my VOICE. I was ready to put my plan in motion but arrived back home to few set backs. 

Evidently while I was gone my daughter got away with eating whatever she wanted with daddy and ended up experiencing severe food allergies. Back to back episodes of itching with a full body hives, including welts on her face. After 3 weeks we learned she had allergies to Strawberries (her favorite fruit), raspberries, tomatoes, shellfish and the acidity in pineapples and oranges works as a trigger. Once we got her back on track, she caught a virus at school, which made its way through our entire household. For some reason a week after the virus cleared the house, I was still having vomiting spells. Called the doctor and she suggested I give it a few more days. As she explained “mommy ends up taking a little longer to recover because we don’t get proper rest to get better while taking care of everyone else.” Another week goes by, so I go in to get blood drawn. Because at this point I’m vomiting just cause. At work, at home, morning, and evening. I had recently lost 35 lbs, was working out and trying to put that fire back into our relationship. (You know that fire most couples have before kids, bills, etc.).  I guess God had other plans…………..”Ms.Carter we are so happy to let you know you’re pregnant. That’s good news, Right?” RIGHT.

Yes my first thoughts were my lymphedema, gaining that weight back, if I could comfortably carry again without any arterial blockages, would it be another ectopic pregnancy.  But  I couldn’t let fear control my heart. I knew God was giving my baby another chance.

7 months prior when I was rushed to the hospital from passing out in my bathroom and experiencing sharp paralyzing pains in my abdomen, this man almost lost his mind. My man panicked, all I kept hearing is ” Jaye get up, get up!” Luckily my mom was in the house and called the ambulance. They had to lift me off the toilet and all he was worried about was my pants being down. Lol Anywho that morning at the hospital he never left my side. He asked questions, he held my hand, he kissed me, he even got frustrated because to him they were taking to long to tell us what was wrong. Once they told us that it was an ectopic pregnancy, I cried. He said “how are you crying and the fetus hadn’t even formed yet.” I understood him, but what my body went through with my daughter, I just knew I could never have another healthy pregnancy. He asked what would we have even named the baby. My immediate response was “Carter”. I continued “After me there isn’t anyone to carry on my family name. With 3 girls once we get married our last name goes. It’s apart of us. We’ve been “The Carter girls” all of our life.” I was shocked but he actually thought it was cool. He kissed me as I was injected with the first round of khemo and it was never discussed again.

Evidently “Carter ” was meant to be here. He wasn’t necessarily in the plans, but I guess he was a part of the master plan. And I wouldn’t change that for anything.

Meet 7 month old Carter Vann Jackson ( He doesn’t only carry my family name. His name is made up of all the family last names), our #3.


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My kids were out of school last Friday. On days like that I go in early to work so that I can leave early. This Friday bad idea. I went in at 4:30am thinking I’m leaving around 1pm. WRONG!! Half of my office took off, then I had to wait for the copier repair guy to come. He gets to my office at 3:00 and it takes him 2 hours to fix the machine. I was sooo upset because not only did he keep me in the office longer, he messed up my planned afternoon nap so that I could be well rested for my girlfriends birthday party that night. My mother kept the kids while I was at work and around 3:30 she called saying they were going to Patuxtent park. Which meant if I would have gotten home I could have napped for a good 3 hours before they returned. But Noooo! By the time I got in the door,used the bathroom, and started dinner prep. My kids come screaming through the door to tell me about what they did today. As my son talks, my daughter has to try to over talk him then he starts teasing her so I can’t hear anything she says. Then it’s nonstop can I read this to you? Did you see what I got? Can we play this game? Mommy can you show me how? Can I sing you a song? Are you working out today? This went on for an hour. I felt like my head was spinning. Both of them fighting for my attention and of course I oblige. I’m a circus monkey, I play dress up, I listen to stories and tell them, I dance and play music, I’m the tickle monster, the at home Literacy teacher and editor all while preparing dinner. With the fact that my kids are at two different stages with totally different interests, I feel like the rope in tug of war. By 9:30 I have showered and dressed and I am waiting for daddy to come home and takeover. I pass out with both kids fully dressed across my bed. The house could have caught on fire and I would have never known. It’s been a long time since my kids have tucked me in. And I felt terrible missing my girls birthday party. I guess my body said enough is enough.

Have your kids ever tucked you in? How do you juggle ages/interests of your children without feeling like someone is being neglected?

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Did I Miss Something

In the past few weeks I have witnessed some very unsettling situations. Whether at a restaurant, out in public, doctors office, school and its sickens me. Some days I feel like I’m in another world. Manners are nonexistent, along with active/caring parents, and just having love for self. Why is it soo cool to show your ass? Why is it okay to be filthy and think you cute? And who is giving these kids the okay to cuss and talk to adults like they are grown. Don’t call me baby unless you are older than me. And don’t think I won’t open my mouth and ask you to say excuse me when you push pass my child in the store. What is our society turning into?
What are we teaching our children? As all this happens my kids look around shocked because they rarely have to interact with such foolishness. My son looks at me like, “I’m not doing anything, it ain’t me”.

It saddens me because its my people. We show our boys that its okay to walk around looking like you got out of jail. We are teaching our girls to lower their standards and not to set expectations. We are leaving a legacy with a don’t care attitude. And that gives me attitude.

I feel like I missed the announcement that this was cool and acceptable. I’m trying to remember when our world changed so much. And it seems like my generation is the cause. Are we that selfish, that nonchalant, that oblivious to how we are changing the course of history.

I pray that there are more of us putting a genuine effort into our children’s lives. I hope that our children get more out of the meaning of life, hope, peace, and love for themselves and others. Because right now, it’s scary to think of where we are headed. I missed something and I just keep praying my children miss it too.

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Happy 4th Birthday Ryann

4 years ago on January 13th. I gave birth to my little princess. Yesterday we celebrated her birthday with family doing everything she loves. Up at 7:35 Sunday morning, she comes down to the kitchen, “Happy Birthday Mommy!” She requested specific foods inclusive of mommy’s cupcakes but she also wanted to be able to mix and bake her own cupcakes. She is always helping me in the kitchen but it seems that lately she wants to do everything herself. Her big brother said “Mommy i want to get Ryann that oven she wants. I will give you the money in my room.” Dad and I agreed to put up the rest. So what did she get for her birthday, the Ultimate Easy Bake Oven with all the accessories. She screamed and jumped for joy when she saw what she had gotten. She immediately put on her apron and got mixing. It was funny how she enlisted her father to be her assistant. She had him pulling out pans, timing the mixes, Pre heating the oven. It was hilarious! She made her first set of cupcakes and put icing on them and immediately started walking around handing them out. On top of that she has been playing in my scarf that my sister bought me for Christmas. I wanted to order one for her but knew it would not be here by Sunday. I decided to make her very own scarf to match her coat for her birthday. She walked around trying on and off her new scarf. Last but not least, Ryann is our little painter. She could paint everyday, all day if we let her. We framed some of her artwork to hang in her room. It amazes me to see how my baby has grown. You’re 4 Now, Happy Birthday Princess! We LOVE YOU!

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Tag You’re Sick

What the heck is in a child’s cold that moves on to everybody in the house and spreads like the plague. Every time our 3 year old gets sick once it gets to us, it’s like the kiss of death. Then we are all soar and congested and laid up while she’s smiling, laughing, and running around like she was never sick. It’s like a game of tag. She gets sick we nurse her back to health, then boom we’re it.

Now, my family is very health conscious but for some reason whatever germs she spreads kills all the Vitamin C prevention. Airborne doesn’t work. Echinacea and Goldenseal are a joke. I just want to know what is in her cold that takes us all down for the count. Literally Sunday after nursing her back to health, I felt like Marquez came to my house and hit me like he did Pacquiao.


Now I am trying to get better and nurse the rest of the household back to good health.
But I swear whatever comes from a child’s cold, we should use in chemical warfare. Send my 3 year old to any location sick and she’ll wipe them out.

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Christmas Spirit

It’s soo funny that before December hit, my son was talking about being grateful and that Christmas is about giving. All his discussions about not wanting anything for Christmas and speeches to his sister about them giving their toys to kids less fortunate. Then Saturday night we put up our tree and decorated it. He chose a white tree this year because he says we always do a traditional green tree. Well to my surprise this child started losing his mind yesterday as he was explaining to his sister why he loves Christmas time. In his words:

– You get to spend time with our whole family

– You celebrate baby Jesus

– All the good Cartoon Movies Come on

– There is lots of food, cakes, cookies, and pies with delicious egg nog

– You get to stay up longer

– There are lots of presents

Here is where (as he says) he went HAM, like HAMMY from “Over The Hedge”.

“I Love Presents, the way they look, how the wrapping paper feels in your hands, ripping the paper in excitement not knowing what could be in there. Then your presents are different sizes and in different style boxes or wrapping paper and your mind is going crazy of what it could be. The Fun, The Mystery, The Excitement!”

And while his rant continues his little sister is looking at him with her mouth wide open and busts out laughing. I couldn’t help but laugh either as he was going on 70 mph.

He turns to her and says “You’re Getting Coal”. “But its okay because I wouldn’t mind coal, we can use it to keep the house warm. Lol”

Lord, putting that tree up really sparked the spirit in our house. I guess I can say they are ready for Christmas.

Are you in the Christmas Spirit or trying to get there? What gets you in the holiday spirit.


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Getting Them Involved- Election 2012

BARACK OBAMA! BARACK OBAMA! I hear kids yelling at our kids school. Some of them yell our presidents’ name like its a new dance. But do your children really understand the role of our president, how he gets there, and what decisions he has to make. Last night my son was asked to write about, what laws he would change as president and what he would discuss at his first debate? But I had to make sure he really understood the following before answering those questions:

– What is a President?

– How does a President become President?

– Do all countries have Presidents?

– What does their job include?

-What are big issues that our president has to focus on to keep the country running?

So before he started writing we sat down together and did some research on the Internet. We found a great interactive game on called “If I Were President”. My son first learned that the role of President is not served alone and how they pick their team of advisors. He then had to read through 5 biographies to choose 3 people to help advise him. From there he had to balance the budget between Healthcare, Education, Environment, Military, and Crime Prevention. Then once he devised a balanced budget, he had to present his plan to the people. From there he received a Q&A session with the press on why he chose the advisors he chose and an explanation of the percentages chosen for his balanced budget. Once he completed this a news article was published on the decisions he made and weather the people felt comfortable with his choices as president. It was a great way for him to clearly understand why we watch the debates and the things that are being discussed. At that point he was ready to tackle his homework and write a clear response.

There is also in-depth information on the site about the election and the candidates to help your child understand everything that will take place in the process. Check out these sites with your kids. Help them to understand the power of voting and the role we as American citizens play in the well being of our country and our future.

If I Were President

Election 2012</a


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Light Sleep

It can’t be just me. But I don’t get 8 hours of sleep. I hear things I usually would have slept through. I use to sleep GOOD! Now, I can hear the wind blow and I’m making sure the kids are still sleep. And it’s not just worrying about the kids. Honey works evening shift, which means sometimes it can be 11pm or 12am by the time he gets home. On the surface I’m not worried and usually talk to him or text as he’s headed home. But for some reason I cannot close my eyes comfortably and relax in deep sleep until I hear keys and our front door lock. Sometimes I wish I could turn these motherly instincts off. Because I always feel like I never get enough sleep.

It’s the same on the weekends. Even though I wake up at 5:30 during the week. My dayum kids, no matter how long we let them stay up on a Friday night, wake up at 7:00am on Saturday. It wouldn’t be so bad if they could be quiet and play and let me catch an extra hour or two. WRONG!!! These two are going through cabinets in the kitchen, arguing over who sitting on what couch, what cartoon they are going to watch and i hear loud Booms and Thuds from my daughter doing flips off the couch onto her tumbling mats and her big brother yelling “STOP” every 2 minutes. There is no real peace and quiet. So when they get up, I’m UP! Honey is usually up getting ready for work and then I have to hear him getting on them both for not letting me sleep. Which adds to the noise around me. I have even tried to pile everyone in our bed to lay back down and that turns into the kids tickling me, climbing on me, playing with my face, and covers being pulled off of me. Ughghh

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Do you really get 8 hours of sleep? And how?

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Friday Funny

Last night was Back to School night and due to the fact that it’s the beginning of the school year, all week we have been getting yearly reminders from the school. One of the reminders we received actually had both of us as well as some of the other parents cracking up. This document said “NO SPANKING WITH BELTS”……. LMAO. The letter explained the schools low tolerance for child abuse along with a policy explanation. Now I’m pretty sure we all know the difference between abuse and a little hard discipline. But the funny part was how on the back of this letter they proceed to advice other methods of discipline inclusive of heart to heart talks, time outs, compromise, other strategies even a parental time out.

One thing I love is good parenting advice but let me explain my thoughts on this letter. Every example told you how to talk to Johnny and ensure Johnny understands the issue. Well don’t know damn Johnny live up in my house. It is these 2 stubborn, hard headed, can be off the hook at times jokers up in here. And usually if a belt has to be included in the punishment is after I have spoken 4 or 5 times, given chance after chance and even threatened with the belt and still treated like a joke. Then once that “Bye Bye Mommy, Hello Darth Vader” voice comes out they looking shook but still gotta test the waters.

Time out for these two ends up being a new play time. Standing in a corner, even with the light off ends up a hand puppet show, miming, singing the itsy bitsy spider walking their hands up the wall. Somedays I have to go laugh in another room and come back being mommy meany.

So teachers lets switch places for just one day and see if your patience doesn’t go out the window. We know our children and the majority of us truly Love our children. When they come to school they play nice and basically sedate their personality for 8 hours. Like another parent said yesterday, “then they get home and are ALL the Way Turned Up”.

We work all day and have to keep that same hard working momentum when we get home. So maybe y’all see Johnny at school but we see the kids that carry traits we know very well and sometimes “belt” has to make an appearance. It’s very rare but things happen.

Check out this hilarious YouTube video by Bricklin Page, my co-workers and I used to die laughing at this clip on child abuse. Now I don’t agree with cussing at children but this made me laugh.

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Parenting and Education

As a parent, what are things you look forward to your child learning in school? Are their things you learned that you hope your child will experience too?

I know I did, until my bubble burst. As times change and technology evolves playing a key role in our lives, you know some of the basic classes have been dropped from grade level curriculums.

I remember in second grade getting a thick book with lined paper that housed fancy letters for me to practice. We would do some in the class and take our books home to practice some more. I was super excited to be able to sign my name and not just write it. I had a signature!

Now 25 years later our children will not have that learning experience. Most school curriculums have taken handwriting out of the syllabus. This is something we as parents will have to teach our children. My son is in 4th grade and he asked me about learning to write in cursive. I thought it was pretty weird that his school did not start teaching them last year, then I found out that they won’t do it at all.

I want to ensure my kids learned everything I did and more. Not a computer doing auto correct or spell check for them. But them actually working through and knowing how to solve their problems. What word tenses and spellings to use. How to type and how to write it out if needed. Not one or the other but both.

I think technology plays a role in how this new generation thinks. For example why shouldn’t our kids have the “want it now” attitude. Look at our society. We have DVR, TiVo to fast forward commercials/pause/and record anything you miss. Expedited shipping, promo codes and ticket availability online. Everything at your fingertips every second of the day. All of how to survive in a fast paced society. NOW!!! But not forever.

When i was growing up, Commercials taught us patience, no cell phones taught us patience, No computers taught us people skills and patience. Although we rely heavily on technology the brain holds more memory than a computer. So what are we teaching our children? Personal Knowledge can withstand fires, electrical outages, and some major collisions. So if you think your child is getting anywhere close to the education you were given, you may want to do research on what other items have fallen off of this Common Core Curriculum that our school systems follow. Be in the know. These are the type of things we as parents have to stay on top of, because we are their first teachers and the teacher that is stuck with them for life.


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