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The Time Is Now: Technology Anyone?

Ya’ll it has been taxing trying to make sure I make time for myself for my readers.  Every time I write it is from the heart, but lately I have felt overwhelmed.  Why? because technology is not a game in this here blogging world.  From the various social media platforms to understanding themes, logos, widgets, plug-ins, etc.  Just saying all of this makes me dizzy.  But I have made it a point to thoroughly try to understand it all.  I have a 12 year old that has started to learn coding and seeing him work makes me feel old and out of the loop.  Recently, I signed up for a site called DASH.  Dash helps you learn the basics of coding inclusive of html, CSS, and Javascript.  You actually walk through a few projects to get your feet wet from building a personal website, building a responsive blog theme, building a small business website, creating a madlibs game (something like words with friends).  And its free!! They offer extensive paid courses, but the free offer right now is detailed enough.  So I am sharing DASH with all of you that feel like me.  Don’t let social media and technology hold you back. Find a way to help yourself!

Do you have any tech sites that have helped you out?  What helped you create your blog site or business site?

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