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Did I Miss Something

In the past few weeks I have witnessed some very unsettling situations. Whether at a restaurant, out in public, doctors office, school and its sickens me. Some days I feel like I’m in another world. Manners are nonexistent, along with active/caring parents, and just having love for self. Why is it soo cool to show your ass? Why is it okay to be filthy and think you cute? And who is giving these kids the okay to cuss and talk to adults like they are grown. Don’t call me baby unless you are older than me. And don’t think I won’t open my mouth and ask you to say excuse me when you push pass my child in the store. What is our society turning into?
What are we teaching our children? As all this happens my kids look around shocked because they rarely have to interact with such foolishness. My son looks at me like, “I’m not doing anything, it ain’t me”.

It saddens me because its my people. We show our boys that its okay to walk around looking like you got out of jail. We are teaching our girls to lower their standards and not to set expectations. We are leaving a legacy with a don’t care attitude. And that gives me attitude.

I feel like I missed the announcement that this was cool and acceptable. I’m trying to remember when our world changed so much. And it seems like my generation is the cause. Are we that selfish, that nonchalant, that oblivious to how we are changing the course of history.

I pray that there are more of us putting a genuine effort into our children’s lives. I hope that our children get more out of the meaning of life, hope, peace, and love for themselves and others. Because right now, it’s scary to think of where we are headed. I missed something and I just keep praying my children miss it too.

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Checklist for the 57th Presidential Inauguration Weekend

As we all prepare and get ready to celebrate for this weekend full of events. How are you keeping up with everything going on? First time in DC? Trying to map out your daily transportation? Want to keep up with the days events? Here are a few tips for those new to our fabulous City of Washington, DC and ways you can stay in the know.

First things first. Transportation. The best way to get around town during this busy weekend will be the Metro. Parking and the thought of trying to drive through these streets with the overwhelming number of people flocking to the area this weekend is crazy. Make sure you map out your routes. Add an extra 30-45 minutes to your ride time because Metro will be packed. If you have a smartphone download the Metro Apps: Embark DC Metro, iTrans DC Metro and DC Metro Map. Also on twitter be sure to follow @SecretService, @metroinaug, and @ddotdc for up to date traffic information.

Most people will be following their friends or favorite celebrities on twitter and Facebook to stay in the know. But for a weekend like this weekend that may not be enough. For the first time the Presidential Inauguration has an App of its own. This is a must have to navigate your way through a calendar of events, balls, galas, parties, and special ceremonies as well as a live stream of the President’s swearing in. Get your 2013 Official Inaugural App here 57th Presidential Inaugural App.

Since you’ll be in the midst of our National monuments, museums, and tourists attractions. Why not see everything there is to see in this beautiful Capital of our Great United States. Especially when its fabulous an free. Download the Smithsonian Visitors Guide App. This app includes Maps/GPS, self guided tours, events calendar, a free presidential tour, and know before you go Inauguration information. Saturday, being the National Day of Service this will keep you abreast of all activities that you can be apart of as well. There are plenty of ways to get out and serve adult and kid friendly alike.


If you have decided to just wing your visit and didn’t bother to find a place to stay. I’m pretty sure there are still ads on DC Craigslist but you can also check hotel availability on Washington DC Guide.

There is alot of walking to look forward to with large crowds hovering in every directions. If you are elderly, disabled, or in need of transportation assistance ScootAround offers daily scooter and wheelchair rentals so that you can navigate the city comfortably. You can even rent segways from SegsintheCity or BikeandRoll.

Also for all of you folks headed down to the U.S. Capitol to witness this historic event, here is the list of prohibited items within the ticket viewing area:

· Firearms and ammunition (either real or simulated)
· Explosives of any kind (including fireworks)
· Knives, blades, or sharp objects (of any length), including pocket or hand tools, such as the “Leatherman”
· Mace and/or pepper spray
· Sticks, poles, or sign supports
· Packages, backpacks, large bags, suitcases
· Thermoses or coolers
· Strollers
· Umbrellas
· Laser pointers
· Signs or posters
· Animals (other than service animals)
· Alcoholic beverages
· Aerosol sprays
· Glass containers
· Air horns
· Non-ADA portable chairs
· Other items that may pose a threat to the security of the event as determined by and at the discretion of the security screeners.

Ladies clean out your purses, gentleman empty your pockets. If you are bringing small children be prepared to carry them and bundle them up. It’s going to be a long day. So keep your phones charged, apps ready, hands and feet warmers accessible. Arrive early due to various required security screenings and street closures. Be prepared to celebrate a man and his dream and a man who is helping us live out part of that dream!


Happy Birthday Dr. King and Congratulations again Mr. President!!!

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Happy 4th Birthday Ryann

4 years ago on January 13th. I gave birth to my little princess. Yesterday we celebrated her birthday with family doing everything she loves. Up at 7:35 Sunday morning, she comes down to the kitchen, “Happy Birthday Mommy!” She requested specific foods inclusive of mommy’s cupcakes but she also wanted to be able to mix and bake her own cupcakes. She is always helping me in the kitchen but it seems that lately she wants to do everything herself. Her big brother said “Mommy i want to get Ryann that oven she wants. I will give you the money in my room.” Dad and I agreed to put up the rest. So what did she get for her birthday, the Ultimate Easy Bake Oven with all the accessories. She screamed and jumped for joy when she saw what she had gotten. She immediately put on her apron and got mixing. It was funny how she enlisted her father to be her assistant. She had him pulling out pans, timing the mixes, Pre heating the oven. It was hilarious! She made her first set of cupcakes and put icing on them and immediately started walking around handing them out. On top of that she has been playing in my scarf that my sister bought me for Christmas. I wanted to order one for her but knew it would not be here by Sunday. I decided to make her very own scarf to match her coat for her birthday. She walked around trying on and off her new scarf. Last but not least, Ryann is our little painter. She could paint everyday, all day if we let her. We framed some of her artwork to hang in her room. It amazes me to see how my baby has grown. You’re 4 Now, Happy Birthday Princess! We LOVE YOU!

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Getting Fit with Some Needed Inspiration

This weekend was the beginning of my 2013 fitness program. I am determined to shed a lot of these extra pounds this year. I refuse to go one more year without rocking some shorts or a skirt because of the friction between my thighs. I refuse to bend over another time to help my baby tie her shoe and have to catch my breath. This gut, these thighs and of course this extra arm/ sideboob have to go. Saturday we made final decisions on bridesmaids dresses for my sister’s wedding. Everybody was talking about ordering their dress smaller cause they were planning on losing weight. I even said order me an 8 and bust out laughing. Not saying its not possible but in 5 months knowing my will power, maybe a 14 lol.

The good thing is I know my weaknesses. And during that time of the month hide all snacks. But I have increased my water intake to help combat my snacking. I also have some extra inspiration.

If you are on a path to get healthy and haven’t gotten a copy of this months People Magazine, get to it. This months issue is about people that have shed their weight by half their size. My co-workers daughter Caroline Jhingory is featured in this issue. She has made appearances on Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, Access Hollywood, and just released her new book “Half My Size- How I Ate to Lose 150lbs”. She has some great tips and encouraging words. If you need some of that encouragement and are in the DC Area head over to Touchstone Gallery located at 901 New York Avenue NW, Washington, DC this Thursday for her book release party. RSVP here: Half My Size Book Release. Checkout Caroline’s Website for healthy recipes, weight loss tips and a touch of inspiration. All I can say is, You Go Girl!!


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Knowing When to Know Him

Last weekend, we enjoyed watching my great Redskins beat up on the Cowboys. Yes, this is die hard Redskin Country over here. We route for our home team! Anyway we watched the game over family members house and as we ordered food… Knowing When to take charge came up. The first call was made to Pizza Boli’s. The employee over the phone tells me they are out of wings. As I proceed to relay the message to a house full of intoxicated, rowdy redskins fans and tell the person on the line thank you but never mind. My honey says ” What?, WTH they a wing and pizza place and run out of wings. Thats some Bullshit” He had a point and it was funny but we knew who wasn’t going to be handling the food order.
Next I called Dominoes and placed an order for delivery. Everything went smooth and my wait time was 45 minutes. Well as we reach the hour mark, everybody is asking about the food. I proceeded to tell my honey to call back and inquire about the order and STOPPED dead in my tracks.

Let’s think…..Hmmm, he’s been drinking for about an hour and he’s still hesitant about the game. Oh hell no. “Never mind, I will call! Do not get on the phone.” I know when he needs to take a backseat because the outcome of him calling and me calling flashed through my mind and were totally different. If he calls to check on the food either they will cancel the order, take longer, never deliver there again or something is going to be terribly wrong with our food. If I call we may get a partial refund or a complimentary extra because of our patience.

Then when I called back, I just so happen to get stuck with the most nonchalant, slow talking, bamma in the world. Picture talking to the teacher from South Park, mmmkay. Here is a recap of the conversation:

Dominos: “Thank you for calling Dominos, How may I help you”
Me: ” Yes, I placed an order about an hour ago and checking on the delivery status”
Dominos: What address?
Me: 25 Kockey Street
Dominos: Yep that order is out for delivery. Hol Up, let me call the driver. Teresa is bringing that order.
Me: OK…….1 min later
Dominos: Your order should be there soon. Where you live at again?
Me: Huh?
Dominos: Where is that on Kockey Street cause I live on Kockey Street
Me: Near the end (irritated voice), can I get an update on my delivery
Dominos: I’m sorry ma’am I was just asking, your driver should be pullin up, Thank you for your patience

Food came a few minutes later. Nice and simple.

Here is what the conversation would have sounded like if I let him handle it:

Dominos: “Thank you for calling Dominos, How may I help you”
Ru: “You can help me by telling me why it’s taking so damn long for my food to get hear” You said 40 minutes and its been 60, I don’t appreciate this shit!”
Dominos: Excuse Me Sir, we are busy and what address is this for?
Ru: “Man, I gotta give you the address again when I’m calling you from the same number. I know the address show up if the number in your system. This is some bull, y’all playing with people food.”
Dominos: Where you live on Kockey Street?
Ru: “You threatening me? What you and your Domino thugs gonna show up at my house. This ain’t even my house. Where’s my food?”

Just an example of how the whole conversation goes south after a few drinks and no food. And if I would have let him handle it, there would have been alot of hungry and angry people. But I knew when to take charge.

This situation for us comes up in several scenarios, especially dealing with people with a lack of customer service. (Almost everywhere nowadays)





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What’s New for 2013


Happy Hump Day Readers! What’s New for 2013?
This year I’m making some great changes and will be adding some new content. I started this blog to discuss the everyday issues in relationships today. I have touched on this a little but this year, I have decided to add a weekly “Couples Session”. There is so much to touch on in this subject and it will get juicy. Also I am bringing in the New Year preparing for a healthier me with the BLM Get Fit Challenge. As you all know I started Crossfit last year to start my weight loss journey. This year I am doing a whole lot to change not only my weight but what I eat. I will be documenting my journey via Instagram as well as some updates on my blog. I am ready to take it up a notch and actually drop some sizes not just a few pounds. 2013 will have me moving either way. I’m juggling two weddings, two months apart…My Sister Nae and one of my closest girlfriends from highschool, My other Gemini twin. Pray for me! I also will be doing some collaborative blogging and tons of giveaways. I also will be highlighting great start ups and minority businesses in the DC Area as well as my fellow bloggers. You know there will still be lots of stories about the kids and my parenting reflection, because that is a work in progress. But I’m So Excited for 2013!! Are you?

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